Me As A Reader

Reading is like understanding a person you never personally knew. Novels are my favourite type of book. My favourite genres of books are Family & Friends, Non-Fiction, Comics, Humour and some Young Adult books. I am a very wide-ranged reader. I enjoy when i have a book that I wanna relate to. My reading habits are pretty normal in my opinion. I read about every single day for about 45mins. Also, really big books put me off.

My current reading book is a book made by AsapScience, a youtube channel made by Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown, made a book from their best findings and explanations of phenomena across the globe.


I’ve been literally hooked previously to these Choose Your Own Ever After Books.. My favourites are How To Get To Rio, Play The Game (netball) and A Hot Cold Summer. You can find them and others in the Family and Friends section in the school library. Highly recommended for girls 🙂




4 thoughts on “Me As A Reader

  1. Hi Joy
    Your science book sounds very interesting. I really like the “Choose your own Ever After” books too.
    Thanks. Jasi

  2. I love those Choose Your Own Ever After books as well! Which is your favourite?
    I totally agree, by the way. A book is like having a best friend that you’ve known forever! Except that it can’t talk, but if it could I would just love books even more! Awesome! That may not be possible though….
    Reading is one of my favourite pass-time activity! I would highly recommend that you read Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz. It’s mystery plus action, so a bit out of your fave genres but I reckon you’d still love it!
    Nice job Joy!!

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