GKR Karate Australasian Championship 2015 & Getting Brown Belt


On Saturday I achieved something I am really proud of.

I got a silver medal in my division of 10 – 12yr olds and there were 38 people in my division. I did this at the Melbourne State Basketball Centre.  I was a red belt doing this.  I got my brown 1 week after but I was entered as a red. Being a brown belt I have black belt next!

For my qualifying medal I got gold in sparring last tournament so that qualified me for champ sparring.

I was so shocked how well I did at champs and it really makes me feel like my practice really paid off!

I had 10 rounds 9 that I won.

Kata wasn’t so crash hot. I was last I felt so pressured cause I couldn’t top their skills! They are all such nice girls and I made mutual friends just sitting in line with a couple of them. Kata is where you have artistic moves that you perform with precise moves, strength, concentration and elegance. I got 9 – 12th in that. I did bassadai. Seiunchin is my brown belt kata and I am the best at that but I don’t know it of by heart. I’m really good my teacher says but its ling and I don’t know it well enough. My score for Bassai Dai was 7.3, 7.5, 7.8. No one got past 8.1.

Here is my medal:


Common Questions:

Q: How long is a training session; how many times a week?

A : 1 – 2 hours, 2 – 3 times a week.


Q; How many years training?

A; as of this date, 5 years.


Q: How long till black belt!?

A: Well, that varies. It’s my next belt though!


Q: How many people at AUS Champs?

A: Easily 800 – 900 from Australia, 47 from Tasmania and 56 from New Zealand. It was so loud and packed I honestly thought my ears were going to bleed. Well, that made it fun. It was really fun because my state team was there and they are so supportive.

Next tournament: World Titles

pic of me in gear coming soon! stay around!



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