First Lego League // Rockets

I am in FLL and I am doing the challenges with Lily as my buddy.

Today I did FLL. I am doing the Rocket Packaging challenge. It is where you retrieve one or two rocket ships. One has bad waste and one is eco-friendly. The first has black bars, which can be a penalty piece if not in proper care/safety on the board. The eco-friendly has no black bars. I am using the levitating arm for this.

So basically I have a program (not tested) that I believe that will before the thing starts make the arm go up so that it does not scrape the floor, make the robot go forward and the arm down. I will make it go back after I know how far to go, then I will add the go back process.


I am still deciding whether lowering the arm while moving would be wise… That’s what is here now!



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