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I got three feedback pages and this is what they said about my game, Animal Shelter. I made this game for 3-7yr olds. This is a single-player game. I am classifying high as 7-10 and low as 0-4. Medium as 5-6.

The first response said this was most suited to 3-9yr olds and took under a minute to complete. This person said this game was high in uniqueness and I think I got that rating because I had more of a relaxed game, rather than an action game. This person also said the appearance was very high (10). I think I got that because they are mouse drawn or cartoons that I thought fitted the game. I got a low medium on length of time it took to play. That was really helpful because I wanted to see what people thought about that aspect of the game. They said they didn’t get how to groom the dog but there is instructions on the page. Maybe I should alter the way that works,

The second response said this was most suited for 3-6yr olds and was completed in under a minute. I got high for uniqueness and appearance like the last person. I got low for simplicity which is okay because it’s a young children’s game but I will make a more complex game next time. On interest I got high and I think it’s because it’s unique. The suggestion from this critic was “Maybe you could add a coloured background to attract younger kids”. This was a good comment because I never really thought about that because I wanted it to be simple but I will try it next time.

The last response I read stated that this was most suited for 3-9yr olds and it took 1-2 minutes to complete. I got high for uniqueness again from this person and I got high for interest like the second written response. This persons comment was “I thought it was great but maybe make it go for a bit longer” This is good because I have gotten this two times in a row as a comment to I will definitely for my next project make it longer or play until satisfied.

In interaction all of them said 0/10 because it’s a self-played game maybe I should add a multi-player mini-game, like husky racing, so that boys get interested too because a majority of little girls wanted to play the game not boys so maybe that would make more interest.

Thank you to the people who rated my game! J




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