Lego Robotics End

This is the reflection for lego robotics. My group was Xavier, Aimee and Noah. I will reflect in sections of robot type in order.

Default Robot:

This robot wasn’t very hard to make, we halved every 20 steps between Aimee & I and Noah & Xavier. We did lots of programs between everyone because we needed to learn basics. Aimee was the expert. We experienced lots with this one, we added tracks on the wheels instead of the rubber wheel part and added a custom lifter. The tracks worked surprisingly well! The lifter was used and worked too.It was about 5 weeks until we started to build the claw.

It looked somewhat like this (going to insert real pic):


The Claw:

This robot was a medium to make but a medium/hard to make a program. There were many un-working programs. We all got pretty frustrated. Xavier made a program that worked but we didn’t have any others that worked. This robot was worked really smooth until a part of it was taken. It wouldn’t work for 3 weeks then we decided to make another robot. We went with the Elephant.

This one looked like this:



The elephant was challenging but Aimee liked building lots so she did most of it. (the boys did legs and i handed pieces over but mostly programmed). I made 2 programs, one really simple and one that looked really big but isn’t that big. I like programming. We experimented a little bit with the feet, by putting the rubber part onto the feet, but that was restricting the robots movement, it wasn’t the programs.

Here is what it looked like (ours had no head):






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