Senior School Art Expo

The Senior School Art Expo is an exciting event where older students show their best art pieces. It can be fashion to photograph to short films conveying a message. Here are things that I saw!


IMG_2502  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥IMG_2499

I really liked the dresses and I also liked the books for the dresses. It was really cool how they documented their findings and inspiration into the book.

I really liked the gum packets. They came in Dragonfruit, Papaya, Lime and Strawberry I think. I also liked how people who were making products they drew designs and found names that were very appealing. The bright colors worked really well.

My absolute favorite things were the meaningful and funny short films. I loved the ones about love, not because they were about love or sappy romance but because they mean a lot! They were so well thought out and so well edited! I liked the funny films because it broke up the sad and the happy.


The Senior School Art Expo is awesome!

Yr8 Cre8

Totaka Candles by Emma in Yr8

You can contact her to buy her handmade candles via Instagram – @totaka.candles

Emma made candles out of wax, scented oils,  jars and lids. This took her about 20hrs to plan, get the materials and make them. She got her inspiration from her neighbor, Leanne who makes candles professionally. Her scents are at the moment Grapefruit, Coconut and Lime and Rio De Janero. Emma plans to make more candle smells and types and sell them at markets and via Instagram.

The steps were:

  1. Measure the wax in a measuring item (cup or jug)
  2. Melt the wax in a pan over the stove until done & melted
  3. Add a wick and hold it in by securing it with a clothes peg.
  4. While the wax is still liquid add drops of scented oils
  5. Pour into clean jar and wait for it to dry
  6. glue on the label and voila!

Before this she washed the jars to clean them out.

Also two other girls, Charlie and Skye, made candles too. Some of their scents are Champagne and Strawberries and Black Raspberry Sugar. All of their candles smell really nice and are very well presented.

This is her candle Coconut & Lime


Scratch Feedback

I got three feedback pages and this is what they said about my game, Animal Shelter. I made this game for 3-7yr olds. This is a single-player game. I am classifying high as 7-10 and low as 0-4. Medium as 5-6.

The first response said this was most suited to 3-9yr olds and took under a minute to complete. This person said this game was high in uniqueness and I think I got that rating because I had more of a relaxed game, rather than an action game. This person also said the appearance was very high (10). I think I got that because they are mouse drawn or cartoons that I thought fitted the game. I got a low medium on length of time it took to play. That was really helpful because I wanted to see what people thought about that aspect of the game. They said they didn’t get how to groom the dog but there is instructions on the page. Maybe I should alter the way that works,

The second response said this was most suited for 3-6yr olds and was completed in under a minute. I got high for uniqueness and appearance like the last person. I got low for simplicity which is okay because it’s a young children’s game but I will make a more complex game next time. On interest I got high and I think it’s because it’s unique. The suggestion from this critic was “Maybe you could add a coloured background to attract younger kids”. This was a good comment because I never really thought about that because I wanted it to be simple but I will try it next time.

The last response I read stated that this was most suited for 3-9yr olds and it took 1-2 minutes to complete. I got high for uniqueness again from this person and I got high for interest like the second written response. This persons comment was “I thought it was great but maybe make it go for a bit longer” This is good because I have gotten this two times in a row as a comment to I will definitely for my next project make it longer or play until satisfied.

In interaction all of them said 0/10 because it’s a self-played game maybe I should add a multi-player mini-game, like husky racing, so that boys get interested too because a majority of little girls wanted to play the game not boys so maybe that would make more interest.

Thank you to the people who rated my game! J




TGC Carnival Fun!

I had a really fun time with everyone at the carnival and these are the best things i did:

Having pizza w/ Emmy, Bridie, Emma, Grace & Sophie:

We ordered a margarita and a hawaiian pizza and we ate it on the big chess board near the quad. We talked for a while and it was really nice sitting down and having a meal with some of my friends. After we had desert. Bridie and Emmy had hot chocolates and chocolate donuts and i shared fairy floss. Grace had sour wartheads 🙂

Going on the rides:

We went on the hurricane with is a spinning 8 cart ride that goes up and down and spins around. I went on with Emmy and Grace. We waited for a really long time in the line but it was worth it! Then we went on the cha cha. It wasn’t as busy so i went on it twice. My sister, Katie, who is four years old, went on many jumping castles. At the end of the night (8:30) I went on the spinning swing ride where you sit on a seat and it goes around. I got dizzy. I went on it with Grace, Emmy and my sister. I had a VIP wristband so i had unlimited rides.

Photo Booth:

I did lots of photos w Emmy, Bridie, Emma and Grace. There was dress up things so we did that. It’s a good memo maker. :0)

I did more but these were the best for me.

Lego Robotics End

This is the reflection for lego robotics. My group was Xavier, Aimee and Noah. I will reflect in sections of robot type in order.

Default Robot:

This robot wasn’t very hard to make, we halved every 20 steps between Aimee & I and Noah & Xavier. We did lots of programs between everyone because we needed to learn basics. Aimee was the expert. We experienced lots with this one, we added tracks on the wheels instead of the rubber wheel part and added a custom lifter. The tracks worked surprisingly well! The lifter was used and worked too.It was about 5 weeks until we started to build the claw.

It looked somewhat like this (going to insert real pic):


The Claw:

This robot was a medium to make but a medium/hard to make a program. There were many un-working programs. We all got pretty frustrated. Xavier made a program that worked but we didn’t have any others that worked. This robot was worked really smooth until a part of it was taken. It wouldn’t work for 3 weeks then we decided to make another robot. We went with the Elephant.

This one looked like this:



The elephant was challenging but Aimee liked building lots so she did most of it. (the boys did legs and i handed pieces over but mostly programmed). I made 2 programs, one really simple and one that looked really big but isn’t that big. I like programming. We experimented a little bit with the feet, by putting the rubber part onto the feet, but that was restricting the robots movement, it wasn’t the programs.

Here is what it looked like (ours had no head):






Microworlds Quiz Feedback


Today we shared our Q&A’s with groups of four. We let them test the questions and answers and give feedback. They said it was a bit too hard and too challenging for some members, one member said that it was fine. I think next time I should add more questions and make them harder as I go.

Here is a snip of my game first page:


Here are my programs, everyone has these as a minimum for it to work:


The first one asks for your name and greets you

The second one resets it to the starting page/greet page

The third one records your answers to see if you got them wrong

The last one resets the questions normal state (gets rid of the shaded boxes)