Maker Day

Solar Boats

Materials: milk bottles, slim wood blocks, solar panels, hot glue, duct tape.

Our boat had a bottom fin, a cut in half milk carton and some slim, lightweight wood. We had half milk cartons so that it wasn’t so elevated above the water, our theory was that if it had more elevation the rudder would not be in the water. We had a bottom fin for slicing through the water for speed. We had the slim wood for a platform on the milk bottles for the solar panel to sit on. the wood wasn’t too heavy but not too light so that the boat wasn’t pushed by wind.



Year 5 Camp


Trust Activities Incursion:

Our group worked well. But what I found challenging was when I had an idea and I was scared to say ideas because I wasn’t sure. I also wasn’t as familiar with my group. It wasn’t strange, I just wasn’t familiar with the habits of most of these people. I got to know people, whether that they were a pessimist or an optimist. Stuff relating to that.

Billy Carts:

Actually it wasn’t as hard as I thought to make a Billy cart! The people in my group all worked together there were no arguments at all. Teamwork was crucial. We had that the majority of the time. I found out that when I am challenged I tend to go faster, my mind works harded and my mind also tells me I can do it. But if its too hard, I get a bit pessimistic.


I liked the end products of my creations. I loved screwing apart old computers and old Nokia phones. I even got to see inside an old DVD player! I learnt that to make a thing move a circuit has to be all joined up.



Trust And Initiative:

In these activites we moved objects. We worked in groups or all together. Having things in big groups was hard.

Flying Fox:

I love the flying fox. For most of it I was break crew but when It was my turn I got 3 turns not 2! It was tiring jogging up the hill but worth it. I didn’t feel fear. It was just jolly good fun.

Low Ropes:

I liked the low ropes, they helped us have trust in each other because i did it blindfolded and didn’t fall once! I like feeling comfortable. I have full trust in those people now. The low ropes were almost directly below the flying fox so we saw people going on it. They came down with smiles on their faces 🙂

Map Reading:

I did this activity with Grace. We were the colour yellow. It was hard trying to keep track of every pinpoint and do it quick enough. Grace and i ended up doing them quickly. We were in the rain. The best way for us doing it was to make one read the letters and the other to record. Both ahve to pinpoint. That was the best one for us. Ours said: