Scratch – Testing My Game With 4yr Olds

Today we went to ELC4 and shared our games. My game is “Feathers, Paws, Claws; Animal Shelter”.

They all wanted to play 3 times each at least and wanted to keep going.

This is why (my opinion):

  • The fact that they had the computer in their hands, not mine most of the time
  • The animals in the game, rabbits, dogs, cats, birds. These are all animals kids know.
  • The controls: it’s a tap, drag, drop game. Not a keyboard, spacebar, game.
  • the things that happen make a difference. (when a sponge hits a dog bubbles happen)
  • sounds.

Things that need improvement!

  • The type in name feature.
  • The gliding to places

I think I should make this game so that its no bugs and more features.


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