Book Week


We all brought in a minimum of 2$ to donate to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

The Foundation raises money for kids who don’t have books and can’t read. We also put books into the book swap. All the books un-swapped go to the kids.

I dressed up as a pig. I matched with Emma who was Fern from Charlotte’s Web. I matched with Ellie who was the Big Bad Wolf from The Three Little Pigs. And I matched with Harriette, who was Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh.

Today will be a blast 🙂

Scratch – Testing My Game With 4yr Olds

Today we went to ELC4 and shared our games. My game is “Feathers, Paws, Claws; Animal Shelter”.

They all wanted to play 3 times each at least and wanted to keep going.

This is why (my opinion):

  • The fact that they had the computer in their hands, not mine most of the time
  • The animals in the game, rabbits, dogs, cats, birds. These are all animals kids know.
  • The controls: it’s a tap, drag, drop game. Not a keyboard, spacebar, game.
  • the things that happen make a difference. (when a sponge hits a dog bubbles happen)
  • sounds.

Things that need improvement!

  • The type in name feature.
  • The gliding to places

I think I should make this game so that its no bugs and more features.


Scratch – Race With T-Rex


How To Play;

1. Press the green flag. Please tell me the bugs and glitches/problems.

2. There’s is a dino. after it’s finished talking a monkey will call the race on! use the right arrow key to help the cat win the race.

3. if he reaches the end before the dino then he has won the race.