Spinners – Math

Today in Maths we did probability with spinners. The task was to make four identical fair and four identical unfair spinners. We wrote them in red pen or pencil. I made the fair spinners, Phoebe made the unfair spinners. After we were happy with them we brought them down to the floor to compare them. Phoebe and I were some of the only people that didn’t color parts of our spinners, ours were fair and unfair because of size of sections on the spinner. We put the chances of spinning red on the spinner into thought next, considering that we had no red parts  but lines on ours, it was impossible. I had to go to a music lesson after that but I still learned that something can be fair or unfair in probability by size not just color.

One thought on “Spinners – Math

  1. I think it’s very clever to use lines instead of colours. How did you compare your spinner to everyone else’s? Were there any similarities between any other spinners and yours?

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