Year 5 Lego Excursion – Docklands, Melbourne

Yesterday Year 5 went on a bus to Melbourne to go to the Lego Education Centre. We did 3 activities. Two involving kinetic energy. One involving robots.

1. Kinetic Ferris Wheel

A woman called Mel taught us about the energy. She showed us how  store the kinetic energy in a metal battery-like Lego block. We built the Ferris wheel according to the instructions and self learnt how to attach the Ferris wheel to the small solar panels and the wind turbines. Our task was to attach all the Ferris Wheels in your group to a power source. The sources were solar, wind and human. My group succeeded with 5 Ferris Wheels on one solar panel. I learnt that its easier than I thought to make energy.

2. Robots

Danielle (one of the teachers) taught us about this. We all got into pairs and programmed

Music Performance Evening

I did a music performance at the Keith Humble Centre on the violin.

The performance commenced at 7.00pm and finished roughly at 9.35pm, it was a spectacular evening! I did a ensemble with Jesse, Georgina, Cecelia (Cc) and Mia. We all did violin.  We played Tarrentella la Russe, accompanied on piano by Mrs. Edwards and directed by Mrs. K. I stayed till the end and watched many others from our Year 5 classes. I love music evenings.

Rube Goldberg Machine Creation Time Over!

Yesterday we finished making time for our Rube Goldberg machine. My group is Emma, Alice and Ellie. Our machine’s goal is to turn on music. Our simple machines are pulley, inclined plane, seesaw (fulcrum & lever) and wheel and axle. Our hypothesis was 2 completes 10 fails. We succeeded after the 15th – 20th try. We did more film in this last session and cleaned up the video. I’m excited for reflection time.




Reflection – The Naming Of Tishkin Silk

This is my refection for the book The Naming of Tishkin Silk by Glen Millard. I made 3 acoustic poem. The characters I made poems for are Griffin, Silk for the silk family and Layla. I loved this book because Glen Millard used metaphors and they sound nice and its better than just saying everything literally. I also loved the main story and the twist at the end. Also the idea of the rainbow girls.


Reality that Tishkin is gone haunts him because he believes she read his heart

It’s always his fault in his heart

Fearless, lionhearted, courageous

Feathered wings waiting to take off

Inside and out he’s kind, shy and loyal

Never tries to starts fights anywhere and when it happens he tends to not speak up



In-complete without Mama and Tishkin

Little bit broken

Kindhearted family



Always kind to people kind to her

Yellow and white daisies are her crown

Loyal to her friend Griffin

Amazing because she seems to not care at all what people think