14/5/15 – Electives: 3D Printing

Today we drew iPhone, iPad, iPod and other device cases. We all got a A4 sheet of paper, a pencil and if you wished a eraser. I made 2 iPhone 6 cases for my mum. It was very exciting because you could make any design you wanted. I chose a zigzag pattern and a quote case. I am yet to choose the quote! These are the steps I went thorough for both of the cases I made.

1. I searched up a iPhone case that inspired me to create

2. I sketched the base of it taking note of the camera, volume, mute, charge and earplug holes and finding their measurements.

3. I decided whether I wanted holes or things raised above it

4. I chose zigzag holes for one, word holes for the other.

5. I found the dimensions and recorded them

I learnt how to draw 3D.


3 thoughts on “14/5/15 – Electives: 3D Printing

  1. This sounds fantastic Joy, what is the most difficult part of 3D Printing? I don’t really know how 3D Printing works, but I now understand the process prior to designing. Thank you.

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I hope I’ll get to see what you’ve designed, it sounds amazing!

  3. This sounds exciting. How do you transfer your design to Tinkercad? Do you transform a model or create one from the start?

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