14/5/15 – Electives: 3D Printing

Today we drew iPhone, iPad, iPod and other device cases. We all got a A4 sheet of paper, a pencil and if you wished a eraser. I made 2 iPhone 6 cases for my mum. It was very exciting because you could make any design you wanted. I chose a zigzag pattern and a quote case. I am yet to choose the quote! These are the steps I went thorough for both of the cases I made.

1. I searched up a iPhone case that inspired me to create

2. I sketched the base of it taking note of the camera, volume, mute, charge and earplug holes and finding their measurements.

3. I decided whether I wanted holes or things raised above it

4. I chose zigzag holes for one, word holes for the other.

5. I found the dimensions and recorded them

I learnt how to draw 3D.


Ice-Creams & Clothing

Lately 5B have been doing problems to help ourselves think about all the different strategies to help us with our learning.

Firstly we got given a question where we had to find out all the numbers that you could do with 3 different numbers of your choice that was a 4-digit number. Some people had 3-digits. We all used the same strategy… listing.

Later we got given a ice-cream question. The task was to list all the possible ice-cream choices with 3 cone sizes and 3 flavours. I used a ordered list.

The ordered lists were quite hard to read and very time consuming.

******INSERT PIC HERE******

Mrs. Watson soon took us down to the floor and showed us a diagram; a tree diagram. Soon we all were all gladly doing this strategy to get our answers. It was not only quicker but also more fun. The tree diagram allowed us to get the answer faster than guessing or just writing all you can think about. Below is my final tree diagram for ice-cream.


With this we all did a tree diagram but we used different things.

Our task was to make all the different combinations of 3 shoes, 4 tops, 2 hats and 3 shorts.

I decided to start with a hat and times it by 2 to get my final answer:


Over all we all learnt something new with Mrs. Watson!

My Design Elective

My design elective is currently 3D printing.

My groups mentor is Mr. Camm. We all made TinkerCad accounts and we went through some item that were made in 3D printing. There was a working screw and bolt, a movable person, a cog, a whistle and even a replica of a fan jet engine that could move. It was very exciting to see all the things that were capable in 3D print. We were assigned to make a key chain that had a hole and our name on it. This was not compulsory, some of the boys made footballs and planes. I want to make a keychain for my sister and an animal, most likely going to be a cockatoo or a lion. I also want to make a moving fan, picture frame and a keepsake box. The possibilities are endless! I am so excited for making more things and giving gifts that I made to my parents and friends. I love 3D printing.