The Last Passion Project Post EVER!!

I am sad to inform you this will be my last passion project post ever. I can’t believe it, it seems like this has flied. We have learnt so much and I am really going to miss it. But anyway this will be my last passion project post, so I will make it my best. Now a lots happened with passion projects this year we have all had our ups and downs and sometimes your project might not turn out how you want it. Now that is not necessarily a bad thing but I am going to tell you if ours went to plan.

Did your product turn out the way you had intended?

I think our project went as we planed, we did not get as many bottle flips a we would of hoped for but we got a lot of good shots and flips. The one thing we would of liked it to used adobe premier but as I said in #feedback we did not have enough time to do that which is disappointment but anyway. I would also of liked to do a bit better bottle flips for some shots and add some other flips.

What do you feel you have done well?

I think Jack and I went very well,  we had a good plan and organised times while planning. We were also very efficient when writing our shot list and thinking of new ideas. I think we did this well because we are very good friends and we work together very well. Jack and I were also very good with our camera angles and audio

What do you think you could have improved on?

we could of used our time a bit better with when we filmed and how many shots we did on the first day. On the first day we kind of slacked of and didn’t do as much as we could. Even on that whole weekend we only got like five shots. I think our most productive time was at our house when we filmed about 3 shots in an hour.

What did you learn through this process?

I learnt that you need to be prepared for shots not to work and to always have a back up plan. The reason I say this is because a lot of shots we tried and failed and we did not have any other idea on our shot list so we had to make them up in our head and it was much harder then it would of been if had it on our shot list.

What do you need to do better next time?

I think next time jack and I have to not be so lazy with our filming and think of more ideas that will have a higher chance of working.

I really enjoyed passion project and I am really going to miss it. I still can not believe that we have only 7 more school days until the holidays. Its been an amazing year and I cant wait to see what next years year sixes will do.

Now for the final time I hope you enjoy my passion project!



Feedback, Always Something To Improve

Its time for feedback and thank god it is because there’s always room to improve.



Mum: “I think it is very good but you could add some more music

to make more entertaining for the audience who is watching your film.”


Dad: “Good job on your film! I think it is a great video, the things you could

improve on are adding more flips and making the intro shorter than it is.”


Audrey (sister): “I like your film but I think you could add better music to it.”


Jacks Mum said “I liked the different scenery and the music was a blast .  The bottle flipping skills were also top notch. The only thing is that their is one flip were their is nothing happening for a couple of seconds.”


Jacks Dad said ” Great music, great flips, nice variety of settings and superb cast.”


Harry (jacks brother) said ” Great spread of locations and camera placement that always gives the viewer something else to look at between the majestic bottle flipping that the whole crowd is here for.”



Firstly we added more music to the project and found some songs that really fit so it would be better for the audience we added songs that we both liked and think other people would like. Secondly Jack and I deiced that we could add some left over flips that we didn’t use before. this made our film longer and more enjoyable. We didn’t use these bottle flips before because they were making the film to long but now with them in there we have cut them to be the shortest they can be.


I cant wait till everybody sees our project and I hope they like it! Image result for there's always some way to improve

Stop, Edit Time

Its last editing we will do for the rest of the year, better make it the best.

This is our last project and sadly we did not get to using adobe premier, the reason is because we did not have enough time and our computers did not have enough storage so we stuck to corel so we could edit in time. Next time I have to make a film I will try and use adobe premier, I think it is a much better editing platform and I will have to use it next time.

We tried a different intro then usual, we made it more have more comedy so it would be much better, we also added new music that fits the music better. that was really the only thing we could add because as I said before we were using corel so we could not do as much as we wanted but that is ok.

We had a major problem when we were editing, the films that we took were not working and we could not use so we had to convert it to a quick time movie file so it would work. the bad part was that we lost one of our best bottle flips while in that process.

I learnt while editing you need to always be ready to lose footage and how to make up for that.3383__corel_videostudio_x7_1_02_10_14


The Final Production : (

Its the final production we will ever do for passion projects and I hope its the best one yet.


Now I am happy to say this was a very successful production, some parts were questionable but most were great. we had lots of shots and they were quite good. we made about 15 bottle flips on our shot list and did about 12 of them. we could not do all of them because it was either to hard or the weather was bad. We had very good camera angles and stuck to the shot list and added some of our own like a bottle flip on the mini basketball ring in my house. we also had great sound that helped in our film for when we needed to talk. We were pretty lucky so when we had to do hard shots we mostly did them in our first ten attempts.

Now there were some challenges we had to overcome for example we had very little charge on the camera and did not have a charger so this meant we had about 100 minutes so this meant we could do very little filming the way we solved this was by using jacks dads camera. we also had the problem of not making some shots because they were to hard so we had to add to the shot list and do that shot. The last problem was not having enough storage on the camera so after every shot that we missed we had to delete itshooting_with_children_cut

Zoo Conservation Film

Finally our zoo films are complete, even though it took four weeks it has been quite a journey.

On The first day back from school, It was about to begin, we were told we were going on another excursion. But where we thought. Many of us guessed the zoo and we were correct! as it is the media year in year six every body thought we would be making a film but a film about what, were we going to advertise the film or a film about how great all the animals were. Well we sort of did we were doing a film about the sos1o. Ten animals on the brink of extinction. One of these animals stood out to me the gorilla. one of the main reasons I chose this amazing animal is because it is very interesting and I wanted to learn more. Then we made a script about about this amazing animal. This meant loads of research and writing a persuasive piece. this took a long time and I nearly didn’t finish the scripted but luckily we got a bit more extra time.

Now it has come to filming and everyone just cant wait to get started, we start by having a 20 minute introduction about choosing our animal but we had already chosen and ready to prove why we have chosen it, our group was very successful the gorillas were out all day were very active. The big problems were we could not get close to them because they put up a fence for the gorillas because the mother was very protective of its child. We solved that problem by being patient and waiting for the gorillas to come closer to the Glass.

The editing was also very successful the only thing I had to improve on is the music It was to sad and did not help the music,the way I improved this is by putting in a song by empire of the sun called alive.

This is my feedback:


I thought the music matched your film really well and the footage was really good as well – Jack

I liked the music that you put in it set a really good background and you made me care alot more about the gorillas. Harry Sadler

I like how you started with the PTC and you have really good footage-Emma

I like your music. I also liked your choice of footage – Rory

Your word choice is really great and the quiet music in the background suits your film well.-Camilla
really powerful voice overs and it made me care about the animal – Spencer

The message was really powerful and the voice overs are clear – Owen

Tom- I think the footage and the message was really powerful.

The music was at a good volume and your voice was very clear – Sam

Great piece to camera! I love the facts and emotion you used – Steven

I liked your music choice and your piece to camera is really good- GusH

Your footage is very very good! Your voice overs made me care more about your animal. Very nice choice of music. I also like how you started with a P.T.C very nice great job – Jade

Your film is entertaining and informative. The voice-over is very clear, and the footage (especially the adorable baby gorilla) makes you really care about the animal. – Cecilia

Your voice overs are really good. The facts are well chosen and you made me care about your animal. – Bailey.C

I really liked the emotion in your voice – barnaby

I really liked the choice of words and music. The music was at a good volume, same with your voiceovers – Harry Santa





The Hard Part is over!

Finally the hard part is over and the fun begins, the planning stage is done it was definitely the hardest stage is done and boy was it hard but it is done and I can’t wait to film with jack.


To prepare we needed to do our shotlist, plan were we would go and what days we would film. The shotlist includes 15 shots all unique in their own way in in detail but I will talk about that a bit more in detail soon. We also went to Lorne last week to see were we could go, we went to the pier, we went onto the roof of the pharmacy. I think this will help us because we will know where to go and how we will get there. We are also planning to go to Lorne in week 5 or 6.


. For example one of our shots include us me doing a back flip and landing it while doing a bottle flip onto a table with the camera angle being a long shot and. We also have another shot were we flip the bottle on the roof of the pharmacy in Lorne, the camera angle for this shot. You could call this shots extreme shot because all of our shots are extremely hard.


We included these shots to entertain our audience and show it can be done. I think all of our shots are very challenging and will be great when they come off and if they come off.


The next step is filming! I think this will easily be the best stage and the most fun stage I cant wait!



The Final Passion Project!!


This passion project I was Puzzled what to do,  A few day ago I was thinking about what I should do, while I was doing this to pass the time I was doing some bottle flips, after a while I stopped and realised bottle flips was the solution so I teamed up with Jack and we got thinking.

What is the purpose of doing this you may ask?

I am doing this to attempt hard bottle flip in different places and to challenge myself, I am also doing this to do something for a change because I have always done soccer in the past

What message is it communicating?

It is showing that some bottle flips are hard and that we will spend most of our time to do it to entertain our audience with very difficult flips in hard places. I also want to do this

Who is our passion project for?

this passion project is for people who want be amazed by extremely hard bottle flip and see something that they normally would not see from a passion project.

What am I looking forward to?

filming because I think that when the flip comes of it looks just amazing and is very enjoyable.

to do

Choice Day

Yesterday we had choice day and I had mixed thoughts about it.

First of we did not even play sim city we played Elctro City which is pretty much a worse version of sim city on the apple store and we also played Sim city EDU which is a Extremely bad version of sim city with graphics made by a potato. So you could say it was not that good. Besides all of that I could not even download the game because it was over 1gb and we only have 1 gb a day so our internet timed out so we had to get more internet so we could download it. I did not really like this choice day activity and next time I hope they can improve it by using the real game Sim City or City skylines. I hope you can improve it next time. Electro city was ok and was fun at times. I thought it was fun having having the choice to do what you want in the game.

Activities: choice-day-activities

Just like that mission complete

I cant believe it, I just cant believe it. Mission complete, success we are done and was it a journey. It was such good fun and I learnt so much.

The project went reasonably well, All of a shots worked but we didn’t expect it to be as funny as it was, under pressure we played horrible and i mean horrible which was bad for us but better for you guys. We also didn’t think it would take as long as it did to edit but thank the lord we had Sergej to do the editing for us (thank you serg). one other thing that didn’t go to plan was the score we didn’t think it would be what it was ill give you a hint jack got 1 as his overall score.

I think we very organised. we had what we would need to buy, What cameras and equipment we would need and how to get them, what balls we would bring and what lines would we say . Another thing we did well was edit well, not us mostly sergej. He added in funny jokes and very funny moments for example when jack keeps missing sergej would play You give love a bad name by bon jovi. and when I missed horribly he got a film of youtube from harry potter.

The one thing we could improve on is our sound quality there is just to much wind so you can barely hear us. It sounded like we were recording with a banana but that is getting off topic.

I learnt how to work in a team for a project or for a film and how to use adobe premier. I think I can use this in the future for class projects for later years or for if I decied to do term four passion project in another group.

I think I have to do all of my posts on time next term and do a bit more to help with the editing stage.


Geelong Promo Film

Hello People!

We have finished our promotional films and I am very happy. It took a very long time but it is done and it was a very big process

Our fir,st thing we did was get a email from Tracy who brief us on what we would do a film about Geelong for kids by kids which is a film that we make and for other kids who we will try to make like Geelong or make them want to come to Geelong.

Stage two was gathering ideas and researching where we want to go so we got into groups around the number of 5-6 and brainstormed ideas and the teachers used our best ideas to go to

Stage three was the teachers telling us where we would go, 6B would go to Balyang Sanctuary and leisure link, 6C went to Eastern Beach and 6A went to Supatramp and Torquay.

After The third stage we got our film crew which was 2 people from each class in my group I had Owen and I, in 6A it was Alice and Bailey and in 6C Noah and Mathew.

After we found out our groups we started doing our shotlist so we listed our ideas and plans on a shotlist that we made. after our shotlist was done we got feedback on it and redid it so we could get some more cool shots

Stage five was production which was the most important part of getting it done we went to our location and got all the footage we needed and more so we could use it in our final product. Filming was my favourite part because we got to have fun while filming and we could go down the water slides

when we got back we had to get our footage of the cameras and on to our laptop. after that had happened we put our footage of the computer on to a usb that all our footage would be on.

Editing was probably the most fun yet the hardest thing to do. We had to use our golden footage and use cool editing effects like split screen, reverse and slow mo.

After all of this we got feedback from our peers and we did what we had to do which is for me adding more effects and fixing some small things but nothing to much to do.

After that we got a second round of feedback which is to see how we had finally done I got pretty good in my eyes better than my first feedback sheet.

I really enjoyed this task and I hope I can use these skills that I have learnt through this journey and use them in the future.



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