iProject #description

Hi guys,

It is term 4 so that means we have to do another iProject and the first checkpoint is #description which you probably already know since it is in the title so I am going to picking my iProject and I am going to be doing….. Bottle flipping trick-shots and off high things and all that. I will probably start off playing bottleflip2K16 on my iPod and then go bottle flip in real life. Then I will give up because I fail like every time and when I get frustrated and throw the bottle it will actually land and I will just walk off muttering and not realizing that it lands and everyone will just be looking and being speechless and looking around at each other.iproject

Choice Day Reflection

Hi guys,

So yesterday years 4,5 and 6 participated in choice day when we picked a activity we had 12 activities to chose from. We were to number our preferences 1-6. Some of the few choices were sim city, flight school, acting out, countdown, Gardening and bottle rockets. There is a list of activities down below but just here is a picture of the flight school group with all our equipment. We only had 3 drones but we could only use 1 because we couldn’t use Owen or Harrison’s drones because Mr H didn’t want them to break. When we were hovering just above the ground we had to shoot right up so the wind couldn’t take us away. Still when we were higher then the fence the wind still pushed the drone away but we just put it on a bit higher power so we can push the wind but sometimes the pilot would push to hard and the drone would go flying really far. As I said we had to be in partners I was with Henry in year 5. At the end Owen was following Henry on his bike using his drone and took a bit of a tracking shot. Once we got some good footage we would land and give the drone to the next group. Some ideas for next time if there is one I think there should be some sport activities in the gym or on the ovals like playing soccer or basket-ball or something like that. I am really happy that I got a chance to fly a drone which was really cool. The drone would quickly run out of battery but Mr H had 2 which was OK, the only reason that the battery ran out quickly was because we had to push against the wind and make it at higher power.flight-school




iProject EXPO reflection

Hi guys,

As you might know we have been doing an iProject for term 3 I got some feed-back from Miss Torney and everyone who watched it to make it a lot longer because my iProject wasn’t even a minute and we have to have iProjects that go for at least 6 minutes because we have 9 minute sessions per group and the actual project should take a majority of the time for about a minute for feedback. So if you didn’t know my iProject was supposed to be a soccer montage but I started really late so it just became me kicking a soccer ball and the ball is edited to go to random places. But it really failed so yeah.

Promo Film

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Hi guys

As you might know we have been working really really hard on a promo film for Geelong. Our goal was to make it by kids for kids because we were asked by Tracey from Tourism Geelong and the belarine to make a promo film for them. So on the first day Mrs Stafford was jumping around everywhere saying it is a world first then when it was inquiry she told us we where making a film for Geelong first we had to get into groups and think of locations that are fun at Geelong we were only aloud to go to 2 locations per class but we got lots of footage. So 6A went to Supatramp and Torquay, 6B went to Leisure Link and Balyang Sanctuary and 6C went to Eastern Beach. So after a week or so we were put into groups of 6, 2 of each were in different classes. My partner was Spencer and we were in a group with Milly, Lily, Cece and Bebe.  Now when we went to the locations it was a matter of getting all of the footage in the time limit so we did some cool things at Supatramp and Torquay at the end we were looking around for some more good shots. Then we had to get the footage on a usb and cull all the footage (getting rid of the bad videos) to get all the gold footage and we only needed 1-2 seconds of gold per video. We had to get all the things into corel to edit into a nice and pretty film then we picked the music and everything. Once we were done we got feedback sheets to leave by our computers for people to rate our films then we would use the feedback to make our films even better. Once we edited our films again we had to get feedback again and we edited it again using the feedback and that’s how we made our promo films.

Home Learning | Week 9A | Reflective

.Hi guys this is my reflective post and I will be telling you what we have done this week.

Maths: This week we have started this problem that is like how many triangles are there in a 4×4 triangle and once you get the answer for that you have to do a 5×5 triangle then you have to make a rule that will figure the amount of triangles there is in any triangle. This week we had to do 2 problem solving questions, questions 10 and 11 I forgot what they were about  but I am pretty sure that in questions 11 you have to draw different roofs or something.

English: This week I have made a piece called fire using my seed called fire vs water I have also made a piece from my seed called the hunt it is about catching pokemon and I have started the other half of my seed fire vs water. Yesterday green group conferenced and I heard some really cool pieces like how Gus had a piece called how to kick a footy. Also there was Aimee with a piece called tears and I thought her piece was really cool.

Inquiry: We have finally finished our promo films after so much time they are done I thought mine was really cool I got lots of good feedback I am happy I got it because I was going to change it alot but everyone who saw it said it was perfect. I saw some really cool videos but I thought Sams was really good in particular. The music choices were really good they were really up-beat which matched the time of the films which was really good in my opinion I saw a few use split screen which I didn’t know how to do but I figured it out eventually.

RVE Country investigation #2

Hi guys this is my new country investigation post and I will be telling you all about………SPAIN. Here are the questions…

  • What are the differences? The Bull fights, Religion and clothing.
  • What are the similarities? The streets, most foods and house structure.
    • If you lived in this culture, what would you find most interesting… and what would you find most challenging? I would find everything interesting and nothing challenging because Spain seems like such a fun place

Home Learning | Week 8B | Reflective

Hi guys this is my reflective post and I will be telling you what we have done so far this week.

English: This week I have started a seed on fire vs water it is basically two seeds son one page but together can make one piece of writing or lots more. Also it shared inquiry we read a story called “in the time of the drums” about this boy and his grandma on a island forced to be slaves and one day a bunch on ibo people ( Grandma Twi’s People ) and the people were singing a song saying the water brought us here it can take us home and then Twi ran to them and said follow me as she ran she became younger and younger until she was, around 20 and the walked into the creek and the grandson told everyone they walked all the way to africa.

Maths: This week in maths we continued billiard ball bounces and Tom, Harry and I found some good rules like if it is a perfect square the answer will always be 0 or say you had 5 x 10 like how 5 x 2 is 10 so you have to have your first number whatever but then double your first number and there’s your second number so the answers will always be 1 bounce.

Inquiry: This week in inquiry I have finished dumping and culling my footage and gotten all my pieces of gold and  have gotten it all onto corel and have rendered my last draft so it is now ready to be sent to Tracey. I have put lots of hard work into this project and the amount of technical difficulties everyone had was just… there is no word to explain how many technical difficulties we had. Just me myself had about 20 in each session I don’t know if I did something wrong but it kept saying stuff.

Home Learning | Week 8B | iProject

Hi guys this is my iProject post and I will be telling you what I have done so far for my iProject. So here I will tell you. Honestly I haven’t started because I have been really busy but I have lots and lots of spare time after school now and on the weekends. Also if you don’t remember my iProject is doing a soccer montage and I will be including lots of skills like the rainbow flick, roulette, step over and lots of shots against my brick wall it is going to be very interesting to see how well I can do these skills so I guess we are going to just wait and find out.