I am complete

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This is my lastĀ ever passion project post. My third and final passion project as sadly come to an end. I have really enjoyed doing passion projects this year and I wish I could do it again.

Did your product turn out the way you had intended?

My project turned out better than I thought it would. The hole process this term was really easy, I didn’t have any problems with editing, filming and planning so that made my film really good.

What do you feel you have done well?

I feel that a lot of my shots were really good and I think my camera skills have really improved from that. I also think I have done a good job of keeping my film not to long and not to short.



What do you think you could have improved on?

I think planning I could of maybe improved on because I was a little bit slap dash with that this term, because I didn’t really think it helped me out that much, because I am doing a mountain bike film I don’t really need to no exactly were my shots have to be.


What did you learn through this process?

I learnt how to become a better film maker. And I really got better at my camera angles and sort of putting a bit of a story behind it. Editing I thought I got better at, like putting music when it needs to be louder and stuff like that


What do you need to do better next time?

Maybe a better intro and outro but not much really.


So that is it for passion projects and I wish we could do them again.