iProject #complete-Term 4, Week 9

Hey guys, so Tom and I have #planned, we’ve #produced,  we’ve #edited, we’ve gotten #feedback and we’ve #completed our iProject for term 4! Tom and I have really enjoyed working together to complete this film. Here are some questions about our finished film!

Did your product turn out the way you had intended?

To be honest, the film didn’t turn out the way I intended because we planned to have a lot more music but we focused on something we didn’t even add in so we didn’t have time to include the music.

What do you feel you have done well?

I feel like we planned and prepared really well because we wanted to get the film finished pretty early so we filmed early, started editing early except we didn’t finish it early.

What do you think you could have improved on?

I think we could’ve improved on sticking to our shot list because we changed a lot of the shots. We did this because a lot of the shots we couldn’t do so we had to change the shots and the storyline.

What did you learn through this process?

I learnt more about being responsible and being organised. Tom and I both planned and were really organised when it came to production. We were also being responsible when we packed everything we needed and wanted to finish the film early.

What do you need to do better next time?

Definitely stick to our shotlist and what we wanted to do. We planned to have music going through it all and we didn’t add them on. A lot of shots we wanted wouldn’t work at all, so we we had to wing it and change them up.

I would show you the final film except it doesn’t fit it.

I hope you guys have enjoyed listening about #complete for our iProject. I have extremely enjoyed iProject this year!


iProject #feedback-Term 4, Week 9

Hey guys, so Tom and I have completed our editing stage and we have gotten some feedback from others about our film. We didn’t get that much feedback but we got a little bit so this post may be a bit shorter.

What do other people think of what you have done for your project?

Most of the people we got feedback from said the effects we used were used well like slow motion, black and white and images. We also used music that implemented a certain feeling. We were told though that we could add a bit more music throughout the film as there wasn’t music for a while.

What did you do to improve your project based on this feedback?

We didn’t improve anything as that was our final film. If we had time to, we would’ve focused on adding music and adding some more effects.

I hope you’ve enjoyed listening about our #feedback! The next post will be about the complete film!


iProject #editing-Term 4, Week 8

Hey guys, so Tom and I have almost completed our editing for our iProject video. We just need to add in some music and some sounds and then we’re done. We’re going to keep the video the same until Monday which is when we get our feedback for our first draft. We’re just focused on getting feedback for the video itself.

What editing techniques did you use and why?

We used quite a bit of slo-motion because I feel like it exaggerates the scene in a way. Along with the slo-mo scenes I used colour filters like black and white for the slo-motion scenes because it exaggerates a sad feeling.

What editing software/app did you use?

Tom and I used Corel to edit the video as we know how to use Corel quite well and we believe Adobe Premiere is too complicated and would waste too much time.

Did you try something new?

We tried to film from new angles such as a low angle and a few high shots that were above the shoulders. We wanted to get multiple angles of the same shot.

Did you learn anything new about editing?

One thing that I did learn about Corel very early into the editing stage was that you could have multiple overlay, text and text tracks. This was really helpful as we needed to add a lot of scenes and text into the film.

I hope you guys have enjoyed listening about how Tom and I have been going in the editing stage of our iProject. Next time I’ll be talking about the feedback we get and how we use it!


What I’ve Learnt So Far This Week!

Hey guys, here’s what I’ve learnt so far this week:


Maths Groups:

In Maths Groups we’ve started a new project called ‘My Life in Numbers’. We have to come up with something in our life like how long the Year 6 room is or how many days we’ve been alive for. Once we were told about the project we had to come up with a few ideas. I’m really keen on doing how many days I’ve been alive for. I also want to do something that has to do with my family like how old my family is all together. I’m excited to get into this project!

Project Maths:

For our ‘Create Your own Garden’ project, I have started my final copy which we have to do on an A3 piece of paper. It has to be detailed and neat and include colour. So far I’ve spent just around $5000 out of the $10,000 we have. I’ve bought a basketball ring, a trampoline, basketball court linings, 10 wooden sleepers, 1 lemon tree and a couple of bushes. I’ve enjoyed this project heaps so far!


This week in Writers Workshop has been the last few days for conferencing. Sadly I didn’t conference any other pieces but I nearly did. I nearly conferenced a piece called ‘The Adventures of Peaman’ which is about a Peaman who saves the city of crime. I was getting feedback on the piece when the bell went so I couldn’t conference it.


This week in Inquiry we’ve been trying to finish off our Passion Project. The rendered version is due at the end of the week and my Corel is sort of broken. I’ve rendered my film and in between one of our P.T.Cs (Piece to Camera) another bit of text and music plays and the problem is when I go back into Corel to see why it’s happening, there’s no text or music made to play at that moment. Moving onto iProject, Tom and I have just about finished our first draft and this morning we filmed the bit where we talk about our project and what it took to make it. The first draft is also due at the end of the week so we’ll get some feedback about it and we’ll action the feedback we get.

I hope you guys have enjoyed listening about what’s happened so far this week!

What I’ve Learnt So Far This Week!

Hey guys, here’s what I’ve learnt so far this week:


Project Maths:

In Project Maths we have started a new project called ‘Create your own Garden’. What we have to do is get close to accurate measurements of each part of our garden. We draw the measurements and what our garden looks like in our books. We used Google Maps to help us with our drawing. We then had to do a plan of what we want in our backyard, so if we got rid of everything in our garden and bought new things, except we have a budget of $10,000 dollars. So using websites like Bunnings and Masters, we can find new items to put in or backyard like plants and decorations. Grass, water, dirt and other natural material are free. Everytime we buy something, we have to find out it’a dimensions, and then add them into our book. We also have to keep checking if we’ve got enough money left. So far I’ve got a trampoline, a basketball court, a basketball ring and some plants like a lemon tree and some bushes, and I’ve only spent roughly $3,500 dollars! So far I’m really enjoying this project!


In Writers Workshop I have finally finished publishing my ‘Survival’ piece which is about two guys who go into the African Savannah. I laid it out so that there are 4 different pictures from a different part of the story. Then the text is above it. I have also published my Zoo Film script from our Zoo films. I just put a few pictures of a Tasmanian Devil on the page.


For our Personal Project Angus, Harry and I have almost completely finished filming our scenes. The one scene we haven’t filmed yet is the scene where we walk into class in casual clothes. We’re going to try to film that next week. We got most of our scenes finished on Tuesday, which is when we had a double inquiry session. Harry brought his bike so we had a lot of fun filming each on the bikes, as well as our other scenes. I have to admit that we might have wasted a LITTLE bit of time, but we got most of our filming done so I’m pretty happy.

I hope you guys hav enjoyed listening about what’a happened so far this week!

What I’ve Learnt So Far This Week | Term 4, Week 6

Hey guys, here’s what I’ve learnt so far this week!


This week in Maths Groups I learn more about how to measure areas with irregular shapes. We learnt more about how you measure by adding each side (Width and Length) together and you will get your answer. In Problem Solving we had three questions instead of two. Two of them were a bit tricky but one of them was pretty simple. The first question was that there were three sons and there ages multiplied to 72 and we had to find out what each of the son’s ages were.


This week in Writers Workshop I have started to publish my ‘Survival’ piece which is about two guys who go into the African Savannah and are eventually surrounded by a pack of lions. I want to publish the piece in two parts. The first part will have four sectioned off drawings of a different part of the piece. The second separate part will have the piece written on it.


This week for our Personal Project my group have finished our shotlist and we have got it approved by the teachers. We’ve started filming the opening scene where Gus and Harry introduced the video. Harry and Gus have also filmed a part where they beat up me. I wasn’t able to film so they used Sam instead. We’ve planned on Tuesday that Harry and I will bring our scooter and bike so we can film each other sneaking out of class and riding around in class. We’re also going to bring in casual clothes on Tuesday to film us coming into class with casual clothes. I’m really looking forward to filming next week.

I hope you guys have enjoyed listening about what I’ve learnt so far this week!

Reading Rant #1-Term 4, Week 1

17 of October 2016.

Book Title: Con-Nerd

Author: Oliver Phomavanh

In Con-Nerd, nerdy Connor is in Year 6 and following his dream of becoming a cartoon artist. The only problem? His mum believes he will be the first doctor in their family. Did I also mention he’s also a nerd? He takes tutor lessons on the weekend, but it’s as much fun for him as a toothpick in your toe. He also really likes this new girl, a Japanese girl called Tori. Determined to become cool and capture the heart of Tori, Connor becomes friends and teams up with the bully of Year 6. Will his plan work? Or will he become fried sushi?

The book is humorous and a narrative about Connor’s life. I find it to be more of a narrative but there are quite a few humorous sentences.

The thing I liked about the book was the way the author used his words, and how he included a short little joke or a funny sentence. It gives the book a lot of combination and a bit of mix. There wasn’t a lot that I didn’t like. I loved every sentence that I read (not that I spent 5 minutes reading one good sentence) and I think there isn’t anything bad about this book.

Some of the characters I like were obviously Connor and Stephen, who was actually bullying Connor in the beginning for a bit, but when he’s put in the same class Connor shows Stephen his drawing skills and Stephen becomes quite impressed so Stephen decided to help Connor capture the heart or Tori. After Stephen became good mates with Connor he seemed to be q good friend by helping out Connor. One of the characters I didn’t like was Connor’s mum because she was forcing him to constantly study and be a nerd. She also forces him to want to be a doctor, even though Connor wants to be a comic artist. She seems very strict and doesn’t understand that children can be what or who they want to be.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who has read humorous, long books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates and some of the ‘Just’ series. If you’re happy to read long narratives and enjoy comedy and humor, then this book is for you. The only books I only read are humorous narrative books so this book really suited me.

In conclusion, the final rating out of ten for this book is a 9. A good read that keeps you laughing the whole way through, there’s always a little humor around every corner to keep you entertained. I hope you guys have enjoyed listening about why I highly suggest reading this book! I hope you have as much reading it as I did!


What I’ve Learnt So Far This Week | Term 4, Week 5

Hey guys, here’s what’s happened so far this week!


Maths Groups:

This week in Maths Groups we’ve started learning more about Measurements, so we’ve started learning about Perimeter and Area (Perimeter the lines on the outside, Area the area inside the Perimeter). I attended a guru session just explaining how you work out the full size of a grid and how you use different strategies to work it out. I’m looking forward to learning more about measurements because at my old school I enjoyed measurements.


This week in Writers Workshop I’ve been making a few new Seeds so I have some drafts that I can conference, and then publish. My goal for this term is to publish at least 3 or more pieces. I reconferenced my Survival piece and I fixed up the beginning so it describes the environment more. I was told to decide on whether I want to my piece to rhyme the whole way through or not.


On Wednesday we found out what our final project for the year is. It’s called the Personal Project and you can either work alone or in a group. The project can be a how-to film, remaking a film we made earlier in the year, or a film just displaying a message or a skill or yours, except the skill has to be useful and relevant. I’m in a group with Harry H and Angus R, and we’re making a how-to film called ‘What Not to do at School’. We’re going to do 7 things you shouldn’t do like sneaking out of class, riding bikes in class and eating in class. We’re then going to show what to do at school like listening to the teacher and respecting classmates. This is going to be our finale of Year 6 and I’m pretty excited for this project.

I hope you guys have enjoyed listening about what’s happened so far this week!

Zoo Film Journey

Hey guys, so we’ve all finished our Zoo Films and today I want to go through the journey that we had to go through to make our films.

Warning: This blog post is super long! Side effects include boredom and regret for reading!


The first Inquiry session of Term 4 was when the teachers revealed our big ‘Project’ for this term. They said we were all doing like a documentary on a certain animal that is at the Melbourne Zoo. The only animals we could choose were the SOS10, which were 10 animals that were either endangered or critically endangered. We could choose the Helmeted Honey Eater, the Phillipines Crocodile, the Tasmanian Devil, the Lord Howe Stick Insect, the Orangutan, the Gorilla, the lion, the Australian Fur Seal, the Asian Elephant and the Baw Baw Frog. Once we chose which animal we wanted to do our films on, we were told more about the film. We had to make a persuasive film, encouraging other to care and help lend a voice to that certain animal. We had to do a bit of research and confine it all into a script. We had to include facts, some information about why this animal is endangered, and how we can help. We also had to include some music, and you had to try to make the music suit the film. We were all wondering how we would get footage of our animals, then we were told that the next Monday we were going to the Melbourne Zoo to get footage of our chosen animal. We had to bring our scripts to the Zoo, so we could do a Piece to Camera in front of our animals enclosure. I chose the Tasmanian Devil because they are the national animal of Tasmania. Once we had finished our scripts and we had all the equipment we needed, we were ready for the excursion!


On the Monday, we all got on the buses and headed to the Zoo. Once we got to the Zoo we were given information about the day by the man in charge. Once the speech was over we headed into a giant room that happened to have lots of information about the SOS10. The seals enclosure was also next door so there were giants windows with the seals swimming around peacefully. We were given our special neck band and were put into our groups. I was in a group with Tom, Angus, Steven and Nick and some girls. First our group went through the Butterfly House, where we waited for a lady to come out with a Lord Howe Stick Insect, because there was one girl in our group who was doing the Lord Howe Stick Insect, in fact, she was the only person doing it in the whole Year level! So because of that, the keeper decided that they would call a new baby that just hatched after her! After the butterfly house we went through the zoo looking at other animals on our way to the Tasmanian Devil enclosure. After a while we finally arrived at the Tasmanian Devil enclosure. We got out our cameras and looked desperately for the Tassie Devil, but we couldn’t find it, that’s because Tasmanian Devils mainly come out at night, or early morning. On the other side of the enclosure was a glass window that was facing a burrow. While Steven was doing his Piece to Camera, out of luck, the Tasmanian Devil crawled out of the burrow and layed down in the sun. Everyone rushed over, trying to get some footage of the devil. I got my camera and got some good footage of it crawling back into the den. I then did my P.T.C. in front of the burrow and we moved on, making our way back to the center of the Zoo to have lunch. After lunch we went back to the big room and put a token in a glass tube which had a face of our animal on it. We then got back on the buses and went back to school to get all our footage.

Image result for Melbourne Zoo


The next day we used our footage to start editing our films. I happened to edit my film pretty quickly, so I got my voice over done pretty quickly. I found all my music, got some good images and finished my first draft. After we finished our first drafts, we put out computers in a space in the room and out a feedback sheet next to our computer. We were supposed to get feedback from people. With the feedback we got, we edited our first draft and changed a few things up. I managed to finish my final draft pretty early. After we finished our final draft we got some positive feedback from others. We then submitted our films to the Melbourne Zoo! Here’s the final film:

Here’s some of my personal favorite pieces of feedback I got!

The voiceover was really put out, especially the part where you asked a question with the man’s questioned face. The whole video was really catchy-Georgina. I think this is pretty true because I wanted the music to change from sad to upbeat and I wanted the imagery to suit the voice over.

Your piece to camera is amazing. I like the text you used and the emotion is stunning. I like the footage you used and your music suited it really well – Steven

I feel like the emotion part isn’t so true because I didn’t really intend to add too much emotion because I wasn’t thinking about it. I have to admit that I did use a bit more text than other people so that’s kind of true.

I liked how your music and imagery complimented the great voiceover – Rory

I do like my music that I used as well, so I’m pretty happy with that and as I said I wanted imagery that would suit my voice over and film.

You have a lot of great information about the animal which makes your film very descriptive- Camilla

I did spend more time finding information than I did looking for interesting facts and I do think my film is more of an informative film rather than a persuasive film.

That’s about it, there was a lot we had to do and it was a really fun journey to get to our finished film. I hope you’ve all enjoyed listening about our journey to our finished Zoo films!

What I’ve Learnt This Week | Term 4, Week 4

Hey guys, here’s what’s happened so far this week:


Maths Groups:

This week in Maths Groups we’ve been continuing on our Maths Groups and our Angles Project. I only had one session to work on my Angles project as I was away on Wednesday and that’s when the project was due. The Maths group session I went to was how to identify certain angles, we also learnt how to use letters for angles like this:

Image result for angles with letters


In English this week I’ve been trying to get as many pieces in the conference. I conferenced my Survival piece (a poem), and I was told to describe the setting more so that’s what I did. I also completed a few seeds, one about the AFL, one about soccer and one about Cleveland Cavaliers.


In Inquiry this week we’ve been continuing on our Zoo films. The first draft for the film was due Tuesday which I completed pretty early but forgot to submit until the last minute. Our Tuesday inquiry session we had a piece of paper for our computer which we put on a table, and everyone went around assessing everyone else’s film. We would have to edit our film with the feedback we got. The only feedback I got was to speak slower in my voice over. I couldn’t  redo my voice over so I just slowed down the voice over which worked pretty well. Our final draft was due Friday. I finished the final draft pretty early, so I got to work on the iProject film.

I hope you guys have enjoyed listening about what’s happened so far this week!