my SRP book

hi guys, the book that I have been reading Is the secret diary of Adrian mole which is a book about his life and struggles. I definitely would recommend you to read this book.


weekly learning post

Hey guys, I am so exited, because this is our final post of the year. YAY. So back to the topic. I am going to tell you about three main topics and what I have learnt in them. So you probably know what they are but I am going to say them anyway. English, Math and Inquiry. Read below to find out what I have learnt.⤵⤵⤵⤵


In English there hasn’t been lots of commotion going on, because we weren’t allowed to create any more because we are getting ready for grade 6 expo. so For the 2 sessions that we had I read a book. The book is called something about the worst middle school. I didn’t want to start a new piece because I don’t think I would get it done in time.


This week we started something new in math, called My life in numbers. Mrs. Stafford gave an example which was how old she was. she wrote up a problem and we had to figure it out. she was 33 years old. Miss Torney gave us an example as how many das until her wedding, the answer was 51 day till her wedding. Mr. Henderson was about to give his example, but then I had a music lesson. So I didn’t get to do what the others did. Our next session is on Friday so I will learn more then.

Inquiry>in inquiry we are still doing the same project as last week. We have to make a useful film, and our group chose uniform guideline. Our group consists of Phoebe, Issy and myself. Personally I find this project a little bit boring. We still need to put things in to Corel but I am sure we will get it done. This film will be showed in the grade 6 expo.

Sad to say that this was the last post for the year,😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢


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weekly learning post

Hi readers, in this blog post today I will be talking about what I have been learning about this week!!!

Maths- This week we have started a new project in project math. It is called garden making kind of. We have only done I lesson so far, so we haven’t don much. The 1st lesson we went on google maps and researched our house. then we had to draw a pic of what we want to build. we have a tight budget of 10 000 dollars, we are  not allowed to spend more.I want to build a big bird Avery, I want to plant 2 big plant so I can climb then. and I also want a little dog retender for our dogs.

English- in English this week, I have started a piece called bottle flip. it is about the bottle flips pain and reaction. So basically in the bottles perspective. For my publishing I have chosen a film about it. we did it in the green screen room.

Inquiry-This week in inquiry, we started our personal projects, it isn’t really personal though because it must have something to do with the school. I am working with phoebe and Issy. we are doing a uniform guideline . we are using the click strategy. I am something we are calling the magic person. That magically changes the things that need to be changed.

weekly leaning post

Hi readers, in this blog post today I will be talking about what I have been learning about this week!!!


Maths-This week on Wednesday, we had maths groups. We were starting a new thing in maths…..AREA and PERIMITER, I signed up for the ‘’Measuring the area’’. I didn’t know much about how to measure the area or perimeter but I knew what they both were, Mrs S first introduced us to measuring the area and what it is exactly, and then when we knew what it was she gave all of us a work sheet. I found the work sheet quite simple but there were a few trick questions. ‘’The towns perimeter has 4 sides that are each 10km2’’ the trick about that is you just think of multiplying 4 with 10 but because there are 4 sides of 10 you would multiply 10*10 which equals 100.


English- in English this week, Mr wade had a lesson about gorillas. He [ut up some word and we had to think of some other words. there was a pic of a gorilla and we had to ask questions about it. I wrote a piece called gorilla. it is about the life of a gorilla in a cage. I am up to publishing it. I was thinking a could make a cage out of paper and put the writing piece inside


Inquiry-This week in inquiry, we started our personal projects, it isn’t really personal though because it must have something to do with the school. I am working with phoebe and Issy. we are doing a uniform guideline . we are using the click strategy.

Thanks readers ;]

weekly learning post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello every body, in this blog post today I will be telling you about what I have learnt and what I am doing in grade 6 week 5A. so I will be explaining the 3 main subjects which are Math English and Inquiry. this week we have done something different to the past 5 weeks. in math we started a new section, in inquiry we have started a new project and in English a  have finished another writing piece.


in Math we have started a new section of area and perimeter (measurements) I joint Mrs. Stafford’s guru session which made me understand area better. first  we went through what it means, some tips how to work it out and some examples. Then we did a work sheet. the 1st side we had to figure out the answer. The 2nd side, we had to draw as many shapes as the perimeter of 6. I found quite a lot.


In English I finished a piece on fire and water. It is like a worded poem. it starts of explaining fire then some point during the journey it changes to describing water. The aim for you is to find out where it switches. I conferenced with Mr. Henderson. I got on to publishing today. I am doing red up the to, yellow in the middle and blue in the top. This will represent fire tuning to water. Red, Yellow, Blue.


In inquiry we started a new project. This time the teachers have not given us something pacific, they said we have to choose to make a film of something that has a meaning and a purpose. I am working with Issy and Phoebe. Our idea was to create a uniform guideline film, to people know the correct uniform. This will be handy if you don’t know the basic uniform to wear. I am hoping that this film can be shown for many years to com

Reading Rants

23352730__uy200_Hello everybody, as you might know I have recently started and finished a book called The Here And Now. I really enjoyed reading this book. here are some of the Questions you might have.

Author: Ann Brashares

Date of entry: I finished this book on the 25-10-2016

Title: The Here And Now

what would I rate this book: I would rate this book a 8/10.

recommendation: I would recommend this book to ages from 12 and up.

I liked the whole book it made me want to keep reading to see what happened next.

The main character was Prenna and Ethan, I liked both these character.

Here is a summary of what happens. I wont give away too much because I want you to read it to find out what happens.

so at the start it has a little storie of how it started. So there is a girl named Prenna and she is from the 2098. The people in their time made a time portal. In the future, there are blood plagues and other illnesses killing lots of people. so she moved back down to the past. there body’s aren’t the same as they are now. they are slightly transparent. so they have to be very carful around other people. there are rules that they are not aloud. she meets a boy named Ethan, they fall in love. they make friend with a homeless man. he gets murder right when Prennna finds out it was her farther. they find the newspaper in the future. As they read it they find that certain people are supposed to be murdered at certain times, so they try to prevent that. They cant stop what happened but they can make thing better.

I highly sugest you read this. I didn’t explain a lot I know but that because I want you to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zoo conservation film

hey everybody, in this blog post today I will be sharing my zoo film with you. So as you probably know we have been making a  film  that tells people that  a certain animal I endangered.  So we all went on the zoo website and looked at the 10  animals we got tto choose from. i choose the Australian  fur seal. The next step was finding facts about them. I learnt many facts before  we went  to the zoo, like did you know that the fur seal can turn half its  brain off it in water and  fully when it is on land? I thought that was amazing when I saw that. next we want to the zoo and filmed the  animal that we chose. I got  some pretty awesome footage. when we got  down too editing , we had to put all of our footage on  our desktop. Then  we edited it on corel . I did not have any problems during this processwe had to put our footage in and then record our voiceovers. when our final version was done we got other people to look at it. here is some  feedback I  got.

Very good. I liked the bubbles.- Jacob


Your facts were good and the music suited your film well – Emmaline


Your music really suited your message and your footage was really good along with the images. -Mikayla


I like the breaks between your voice overs. Your content is intriguing and informative. The special effects were great, and even though the music wasn’t very sad, it suited the pace of your film- Emmy


i agree with Emmy for every part of this film. You really made me care and you explained all the facts on why and how the seals are extinct. I also liked the clever text on screen that you used to still have an effective piece to camera. The use of editing with the bubbles was also visually stunning-Bailey G


Your music was great also your footage was amazing and I liked the facts you put in. — Nick


The text in the PTC made it interesting, and I really liked the music. The bubble effect made the seal seem really intriguing. – Cecilia


i like the footage and the music-Noah:)


I liked the part where you said ‘I would like to save the seals and say goodbye to extinction.’ That part was really catchy. I also liked how you put in some interesting facts about the seal. The effects that you used fit in with the footage that you put it with. -Georgina


you have really good facts and i like too music you used-Ellie


You used some really good imagery and footage. Callan


You had soome great facts. it made me care about your animal. Your footage was great. You had a strong and clear message. Great job -Issy

Here is the finished product


# production post

hello everybody, in this blog post today I was will be sharing what I have  been doing with my project. So as you should know I have chosen to make a dog Kennel for my 2 dogs. Joe and Bella. I am working with  Ellie. we have not worked on it for 2 weeks because my grandparents are in japan for a holiday. So far it is going good. we have put the  bottom, back, front and some of the sides on. The hardest part for us was when we put the divider in the middle, because we had our grandpa to help us but this time we didn’t. We tried to put the divider together with nails, but all the wood split. be we kept going. we put nails everywhere to make sure it was secure.

Putting the divider in was a challenge, but we got through it and got it done.

We need to put the rest of the side panels on, paint it, add the roof and decorate it…

Weekly learning post / week 4B

Hello every, in this blog post today I will be telling you about what I have leant or been learning this week. this week has been reassembly busy. I will be telling you about the 3 mmain subjects. Which are Math, English and Inquiry. These are the 3 main subjects because we have them a few times each week.


So in Project Math this week, We have been learning about ALGEBRA. But this lesson we did something different. Miss Toney set up I ladder made up out of paddle pop sticks. we were asked how we see it. we had to write down our responses. Them miss Torney asked a few people to explain how they saw it by demonstrating with colored sticks. Then we got into pairs and had to draw ( with coloured pencils) each others ladder how they see it. I saw it as n’s stacked on top on them. At the end you have to add 2 to make the ladder shape. For math groups we have been learning about angles. we learnt how to read angles, how to measure angles and how you can also call them. EG. ABC, BAC… Then on Thursday we did our post test. A post test I where you do a test, this will show your teacher where you are at with angles. Then, after you complete the test and do some lessons on it, we redo the test again to see how much we have improved. To see what results we got. we drew up a table and put a coloured dot. if it needs a lot of improvement the colour is red, if you kind of understand it you get and orange and if you understand it and got everything right it is a green. At first I got orange, orange green. At the end of the second test I got green, green, green. which means I got all perfects.


In English this week we have been doing normal stuff. Which is writers workshop and master class. In master class I have finished a piece on Fire and Water.  it is where it is describing fire and then it slowly turns to describing water. It is a trick piece, you have to figure it out where it turns to water. Next time when it is my groups conference, I am going to conference it then publish it.


In inquiry this week, I have finished my zoo film. for my animal I chose the Australian Fur Seal. This animal isn’t very endangered, but it is considered vulnerable. Which means that they are about to become endangered. During our film, we had to include picture and videos of the fur seal. We also we had to record a voice over of us telling facts about the animal. Did you know that when on land the fur seal can turn 1/2 ift brain off and when in water it can turn off its full  brain? Amazing right. The final product is due Friday in the k drive, go and check it out.


# planning post


here is the link to my shotlist.

Hi guys in this blog post I will be sharing some information about how my I project is going. So as you probably know I am working with Ellie ( my cousin in grade 6) and we are making a dog kennel for my dogs. So far we have made the base and put the front back divider and started putting the sides on. We did drilling to put it together. my grandpa has his fathers hand drill so we used that. it is not electrical. We still need to paint it, put the roof on and add the decorations. This will include bowls hooks and lots of other stuff. up above is my shotlist for my upcoming plans. Please give me some tips if you have any.