happy birthday x 3 by libby gleeson

I read happy birthday x3 it is about 3 twins and it is there birthday and they want to get want a prenats for each other and they do ot have anov money so they have to clean there room to get money. after they got the money they want shopping for each other.

I think this book is good for people who like a short I liked the crater and I think it could be a bit longer I give this book a 5/10


Paper Places By Steve Worland – Reading Rant

I read paper places it is about a boy who lives in a small country side and he goes to school and he is interested in paper planes he goes to Sydney for a competition and to Japan all so to competition he all so goes to another comp by himself where he meets rivals and obstacles along the way.

I think the genre adventure.

In this book there is a person called Jason he is a bully but then he comes nice and my favourite person is Dylan the main character because he is really good at make paper places.

I think that people that are 9 to 16 would like this book.

I give this book an 8 out of 10 because I have read better.

The Great Mouse Plot By Roald Dahl

I was reading the great mouse plot this is a bit of what happened 5 boys all walk to school together and there was a lollies shop on the way they would all ways stop and look inside at all the lollies but even every they did have money they would get strawberry bonbons and liguorice bootlaces but there was a boy and his dad was a doctor and talked him the liguorice bootlaces were made out of mouse blood and silly story but the shop owner Mrs Pratchett she was smell skinny old hag with moustache on her upper lip and a mouth as sour as agree gooseberry. She never smiled. And one day they saw a mouse and one of the boys come up with the play to put inside a lollies jar so that is what he did. The next day they were walking pass the lollies shop and saw that the shop was close they thorn that she had a heart a tack and they were all mercers. When they got to school they all had a assembly at the end they had to all get in lines with their class mates and outcome the principal and Mrs Pratchett and she saw all of the boys that had done the plot and they all got the cane.

L think this book is humour

I liked the 5 boys and I did not like Mrs Pratchett

I would recommend this book to year 2 and up ( I think it is good for all diffent ages)

I like the ending

I give this book a 10 out of 10 it is really funny

Thanks for reading