Production and Edited

last week I did production my friend and mum helped me with it. We filmed at the netball count. l think l did some good crammer shots. like on the ground and on my shored. after the production l started my editing l could not start it because I could not get the footish on my computer. so l had to get some help from will. after he did that l could start editing my film. l have all most fished I just need to add music. l had to YouTube how to got titles. it is very easy one you now how to do it. l just need to work how to put music in l have done it be for but l forgot how to do it. so l will have to get some help.

My Plans

Today I am going to update you with my passion project. so far I have done my description blog post and now I am doing my planning blog post on basic netball skills.

for my project I am show beginners netball how to shoot the ball and how to defend the netball. because I am doing a film I need to do a shotlist I have include P.T.C ( for the start the middle and the end ) I have all so include shoots of the crammer on my hands when I am shooting the ball and when I am defending the ball. next week I am going to start filming I will be filming at the netball counts.

thanks for reading my blog post.

Shotlist Planning Template-qjjd69


What’s It All About

This term we are doing passion project for home learning. it is where every one picks there passion and dose some thing on it. I am doing netball because l have been playing for 7 years I also like the skills and strategy of the game and I love watching elite netballers my favourite netballer is Maddie Robinson she plays for Collingwood. I am doing a film on how to shout a goal and how to defend a goal and how much I love netball. my project is for beginner netballers. I am looking forward to filming and showing every one my project

(This is Maddie play for AUS)