lesson 1

This is me doing a punt I chose a punt because I do not now how to do it. This could be something that I could improve on. It is a skill in footy. IMG_9520-1f4irnv ( I do not now how to do it ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXrNUyeSk7I ( this is a professional doing a punt )

lesson 2

today we where trying to gild the ball down I think I did well but I could get better

lesson 3

today we where on the ovals with the iPad film and we where practising as well

lesson 4

we where practising both over hand throw and punt in side we where playing a game where there is a safe zone and you have to run into it with out getting count.

on the oval we where doing the punt we did lots of relay race. my team come 1st and 2ed all the other times

lesson 5

we where filming for our blog post we had to say our name where 3 teaching pointes and there was a target I think I could take a step forward.

This is my film