In maths today we looking at spinner B we had to make a pie graph and with the numbers we  got we put into a graph. this is what spinner be looked like.


my one did not look

like this because I only did 40 spins and it is just lucky jhgh



then we put the hole of 5B together and I was pretty evern  on where ones we only did 40 spins but all of 5Bs we 721 spins so if you do more spins it will look more like the we had fist



Maths Today

In the maths today we were looking at changes and we made spinners. We made 3 1 was a fire one and the other 2 were un fair this is my un fair one.

This is un fair because only 2 prats are coloured in but there is 3 whait prats. The change of getting green is 3/5


This is fair because the are 2 equre prats a the cage of getting green is 50/50



win_20161026_10_47_50_pro win_20161026_10_47_42_pro win_20161026_10_47_32_pro

We have been learning about why not to leva baby in cars. They have more skin then us adult could stay in cars for agers but it is dangerous for kid to stay in the car. They could die but it is very dangerous for baby to stay in the car if you lever them in the car just for 5 mins they could still die.  In a baby there is 6 surface area and in a adult there is 128. In a baby there is 24 volume and in a adult there is 40 volume so baby sweat more so they lose there volume witch is 24 but adult have 40 volume so they sill sweat but they sweat slower.



This is one whole because the fist number is 1 but then the next number is 0 so it is a whole. WIN_20160311_14_36_29_Pro

This is the number l chose. The first number is 1 so that means that it is 1 whole then there are two 0 so tht means that there is nothing representing the tenths and hundredths so then the next number is is 1 and it is in the thousandths. l now that is right because you need 1000 to make a whole.

The Worlds Populaton

these cupel of weeks we have been doing maths chalechs this one was my favesrt l had to predict which 10 countries in the world have the largest populationes. l think l did really wall.WIN_20160219_09_46_03_Pro