Highlights from term 2


WOW this term has been jam pack, we got a new teacher, healthy relationships, ted talks, passion projects and lots more l really enjoyed doing ted talks it was a long process but I was really proud of my finished story clip.

1st we had to find what we where going to do it on lots of teacher come and helped.(I did mine on cancer)

2ed we had to started making our scrit we did that for a long time because we need to be happy with it.

3ed we made story clips we had to do V.O and put pictures to it.

4th on the last day of term we had story clip expo. lots of people come in and looked at it.

I really enjoyed doing ted talks because it was a great experts and it was lots of fun.

ln week 5 Mrs Stafford left to go and have a baya it was herd because we had get us to her but when Mrs Flakemore come in I felled a lot better.

My goals next term are going to be

  • I am going to read every night how l am going to do it is when mum is cooking dinner I am going to read instead of watching T.V
  • I am all so going to work on my homework and put 100 % on it.