Film School Refection

I really enjoy film school it was fun and we learnt about lots of things. I really enjoyed doing the clinics .My favourite clinics was the Bensound one because we got to listen to lets of music. I all so like the stout gun clinic. Because we got lent where there all live and we got to us them thing I am going to us is how to us the crammers and how to us. Premiere Pro so that we can edit the film. I think that there where to many blog posts we could make a poster or make power pint. I think keep the Bensound clinic and the stout gun clinics. I think you need to make maybe a nether clinic for the editing. I think you should not get rid of anything.


Today in I lent about how to us a zoom Cramer. There is a mic at the top so you do not need to us a shout gun mic if it is to lond or to quite there is a circle bit at the top to turn it on there is a button at the bottom it is a circles to film there is a circles button at the top it has a little red doubt on it there is a pus and play button to play you films it is a touch screen so if you wont to zoom up you have to do it by the touch screen.

Green Screens

Today I lent about green screens you have to make short that the framing is right you do not want to have a bit of white you just want to see green, if you are talking to the crammer you stand of sender, there is a T on the ground you have to sand on that so you put your feet on ether side of the T, there is a screen on the side of the room but you have to try and look at the crammer it is very heard an you have to put the lights on 3 there is 3 switches on the back and you put them all on 3 we all so lent how to edit it this is how you put you footage to put your futishin in-1w30znh than you click on the top box and something will show up  you click on a pin and then you click on the footage and this will happen to make it look a bit better there are 2 arrows click on the 2ed on and 4 options will come up you click on aggressive this is the finish thing  Auto-SaveOneDrive – Geelong CollegePresentation1-y4e5ku

Audio Booths

Today I learnt about the audio booths the rules are

  • Maximum of two students at a time
  • Absolutely no food
  • Leave no evidence that you were ever there
  • Leave the microphones on the bench at all times
  • Make sure the microphone and stand are secure
  • Keep the runway clear
  • Don’t knock on the door
  • Most voiceover tasks will take you no more than 5 minutes
  • Always use headphones when recording and playing back audio
  • Don’t touch the microphone while recording
  • If you re speaking loudly move back slightly
  • You may need to unplug the USB when playing back the audio I all so learnt how to put the microphones on and off
  • and how to put the microphones on and off and you have to be a hand away for the mic so it is not to lond but not to sofa  
  • ( this is the girl that is the voice of dora the explorer)

Royalty Free Music

Today in inquiry I learnt about royalty free music and what you can do and cannot do some people pay to use a song or get a free app, if you would to use a song in a show you have to pay for it, if a YouTube used a song that they are not allow to YouTube has to put an add over it or mute it or shot down the Vidor, you can use up to 30 secs of a song if you wish, if the song is over 50 years than you can used it.

We all so learnt a website that you can used and it is royalty free music but you have to put it at the end of the film that the music is from bensound this is what it looks like.


shout gun microphone

Today we lent about shout gun microphones we start off by warming up we said tug twisters (many anemone sees an enemy anemone and which wristwatches are swiss wristwatches).

Than we lent were the microphones live and how to put them on the carmer so all got into groups and put them on then we got our head phones and put them into the cramer and we could hear everyone taking it sounded really cool than we went outside and expended how far away you could go and still hear my group got 30 m.

I lent where the shotgun lives and how to put them on and you can go 30 m and still hare what everyone was saying it was really fun.

Shotlist And Storyboard

Today we lent about shotlist we lent how to yoose them there are 4 prats of the shotlist scenes description type of shot (MS, LS, CU, ECU) the dialogue the storyline and dialogue/audio ( VO, PTC, TEXT).

I all so lent making a film that half takes half of the time to plan 15% of filming and 25% of editing.

A shotgun mic is a mic that you put on the camera you have to make sure that it is on so it dons not fall off.

After he lent about all that we got into groups of 2 and made a shotlist about it we look at a film and put all the defend thing into the shotlist.

I lent all about how to yoose a shotlist and why we us them and that half of the time making a film is planning.



Camcorders And Cameras Angles

Today I learn about camcorders and camera angles we start of by watching a video about all the defend angles here is the video we watched then we talked about all the defend angles, shots: C.V – close up E.C.U – extreme close up FS – full shot M.S mid shot E.S establishing shots angles H.A – high angles L.A low angles O.H.S movement dolly is where the camera mover and the acuter do not zoom is where the camera stays where it is and the actors do not move tracking is where you move and the camera follows you. A film will all ways star with a establishing shot such as stars wars like in the film they show you the stars. I like learning about all the defeat shots angles and movements I cannot wait to yoose all those defeat angles.

( close up)


Point And Shoot Cameras.

We learnt about point and shoot cameras. We started off by looking at a powerpoint with all the different angles.

The first angle was

Rule of thirds put the main object on the lines

Balancing elements. Put the main object off to the side.

Leading lines. Lines leading us to the object.

Background. Plain background with a object in the front.

Framing. Get something around the object and remember to EXPERIENT.

Then we got into small groups or partners and each group got a camera. Then we took photos of all of the different angles.

I learnt all the different angles. What challenged me was to get a good photo.

With this skill I can now take lots of good photos.