Triple R Reflection

This term during our triple R lesson. We have beam doing activities to focus on the 16 habits of minds. today we got into groups of 3 and Mrs Flakemore write some play ides on the bored the “I won a prize or competition ” and there 5 more than. we had 10 mins to prates than we all come to the floor and we had to pick one to performance to do in front of the class.



For my planning I do not think I am to make a shotlist because on all my other passion project I have not used them.

Passion Project Description

For my passion project I am going to do cooking. I am going to make cupcakes but not just any cupcake a watermelon cupcake. It really easy all you do is make the cupcake batter than you die it green for the skin. After you have done that you just get pick or red icing for the watermelon than you get drack chocolate chips as the seeds. This pictures show what they will hopefully look like. I love love love to cake and my favourite thing to make is cupcakes that is why I am making cupcakes. I make them for mum to put in the school lunches. I hope you enjoyed.

Asian Elephant Script

Asian Elephant Script

the year 6’s have been working on scrips because on Friday we are going to the zoo and we are going to make films about endangered animals I am doing the Asian elephant. I an going to say in P.T.C  Asian elephants are now classified as endangered.


What do you think of when someone says Asian elephants. I think they are beautiful majestic powerful, mistreated and large. It is the largest mammal in the world. It is originally from Southeast Asia India and Nepal in west and Borneo in east. More than 100,000 Asian elephants may have existed at the start of the 20th century, but numbers have halved and continue to decline. With only 40,000-50,000 elephants left in the wild that may seem a lot but it is not , Asian elephants are now classified as endangered.


habitat removal

They need 150kg of food to survive a day. People are cutting their food down to create farming land. This can result in the number of elephant deaths rising to levels that cause them to become endangered. This is a serious issue and something needs to be done about it.



Elephants are also taken from the wild for the live elephant trade –mainly going to Thailand for the tourism industry where tourist ride on them for enjoyment and lock them up for tourism. These elephants are kept in harsh conditions and they are treated very poorly.





We are the ones that are making those beautiful creatures suffer

We are the ones that are killing them by enslaving them and removing their habitat

And I believe that we need to do something to help these animals stay alive. This can be done through donations to charities or even try to bring awareness to other people about the bad things that are happening to these amazing creatures.


Japan Culture

In RVE, we have been study a country I did japan because I really want to go there.


In japan, it is difference to here because they have lots of festival like the Sapporo snow festival it is the largest snow festival held every February.

Like here, they have sushi. Sushi is originally from japan. Most people that live here like sushi.

If I lived in japan, I would love going to festival a lot and eating sushi a lot. However, in japan, they bow to show respect and if they have more respect to you, they will bow lower than you.

I really enjoyed doing this project and learnt a lit about japan.



Today is R U OK day we had a talk about what this means to us to me it means just asking if someone is ok. 🙂🙂🙂


What A Great Day ☺☺☺☺☺

Today Tim Kitchen from adobe come to do a workshop with the year 6’s he taught us lots of now skills like how to work character maker and adobe spark character maker is where you make a character on photo shop than you move it to character maker and it moves and dose whatever you do you can also add backgrounds and fun stuff like that and spark adobe it is just like power point but a lot better. You can do voice-overs and you can do cool things like make it look like you are drawing it and lots more. I think I am going to us it for my next passion project. I think we can us this in ways to show our learning. I enjoyed today and I hope we can do something like this again. Thanks 🙂🙂🙂


The Geelong Cats Pich

The Geelong Cats


Players- There are lots of players who come to Geelong College and play for the Geelong Cats like right now Lachie Handerson this link will show you more player that come to the College and play for the cats.


Name– In 1859 Geelong cats where called seagull they 1st played at church hill for about 12 months. In 1860, they move again to argyle than they moved again to Corio oval they were there until 1941 and they changed their name to Pivitonions. In 1924, they changed their name to Cats but it was a black cat. In 1942 they moved to Kardina Park.


Uniform- In 1970, they played with hats on and the stripes where horizontal and a lot smaller and they played with pants on. In 1971, they played with shorts on but they were still very long and the strips get thinker. New they play with think horizontal think blew lines and very shorts are very short.

My Passion

I am doing paddle boarding for my passion project I am going to Noosa next week and I am going to film there on the river. I am just going to get heaps of video and pictures And put them in fast mode. I am doing paddle boarding because it makes me feel care and I just love paddle in Noosa looking at all the houses and shops I also like doing at Sorrento I will not need to do a shot list. I hope you like my blog post.


Highlights from term 2


WOW this term has been jam pack, we got a new teacher, healthy relationships, ted talks, passion projects and lots more l really enjoyed doing ted talks it was a long process but I was really proud of my finished story clip.

1st we had to find what we where going to do it on lots of teacher come and helped.(I did mine on cancer)

2ed we had to started making our scrit we did that for a long time because we need to be happy with it.

3ed we made story clips we had to do V.O and put pictures to it.

4th on the last day of term we had story clip expo. lots of people come in and looked at it.

I really enjoyed doing ted talks because it was a great experts and it was lots of fun.

ln week 5 Mrs Stafford left to go and have a baya it was herd because we had get us to her but when Mrs Flakemore come in I felled a lot better.

My goals next term are going to be

  • I am going to read every night how l am going to do it is when mum is cooking dinner I am going to read instead of watching T.V
  • I am all so going to work on my homework and put 100 % on it.