The Geelong Cats Pich

The Geelong Cats


Players- There are lots of players who come to Geelong College and play for the Geelong Cats like right now Lachie Handerson this link will show you more player that come to the College and play for the cats.


Name– In 1859 Geelong cats where called seagull they 1st played at church hill for about 12 months. In 1860, they move again to argyle than they moved again to Corio oval they were there until 1941 and they changed their name to Pivitonions. In 1924, they changed their name to Cats but it was a black cat. In 1942 they moved to Kardina Park.


Uniform- In 1970, they played with hats on and the stripes where horizontal and a lot smaller and they played with pants on. In 1971, they played with shorts on but they were still very long and the strips get thinker. New they play with think horizontal think blew lines and very shorts are very short.

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  1. A very good pitch Milly; you have put a lot of time and research into this and your enthusiasm for the topic really shows. Well done!

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