happy birthday x 3 by libby gleeson

I read happy birthday x3 it is about 3 twins and it is there birthday and they want to get want a prenats for each other and they do ot have anov money so they have to clean there room to get money. after they got the money they want shopping for each other.

I think this book is good for people who like a short I liked the crater and I think it could be a bit longer I give this book a 5/10


win at the fair

Today in calls we played a game called win at the fair I think this person who made the game is getting a lot of money and the people who are playing are loosing there money. because the game is 1 dollar and it is more likely to get 20 cents or 50 cents. every one is the calls put there dater to getter this is the graph.

Birke Baechr

Today we watched a other ted talk we watch some one called Birke Baechr I liked the thing he talked about which was eating heathy I liked how he had pictures and his hand movement but I think he had a bit much he did not have any support with his ted talk. I would give this ted talk a 6 out of 10.

Richard Turere

I really liked this ted talk it has humour and a story that I liked it is about a boy called Richard and he lives in Kenya and he is tying to get reited of lions and he is making thing like light because lions do not like light and he got a scholarship because of the light.

I take away that little thing and torn into big thing and never stop dreaming.

l liked how he had had lots and lots of pictures.

he was using a microphone and a clicki thing to chose the pictures.

I liked how he used his hands and move a round but not to much.

I really really like this ted talk and i take a way lots of things.

Thomas suarez

Today we where lenting about ted talks we watch some on called Tomas Suarez he is about 12 years old

what I talk a way was that kids can do the same as adults and make apps. I liked how he get the audiences involved by make them laugh and telled jokes. I all so like how he used and iPad that had his skret on but he did not all ways look at it. he all so used a thing to make the pictures move. he all so move a round and moved his hands.

My Plans

Today I am going to update you with my passion project. so far I have done my description blog post and now I am doing my planning blog post on basic netball skills.

for my project I am show beginners netball how to shoot the ball and how to defend the netball. because I am doing a film I need to do a shotlist I have include P.T.C ( for the start the middle and the end ) I have all so include shoots of the crammer on my hands when I am shooting the ball and when I am defending the ball. next week I am going to start filming I will be filming at the netball counts.

thanks for reading my blog post.

Shotlist Planning Template-qjjd69