Film School Refection

I really enjoy film school it was fun and we learnt about lots of things. I really enjoyed doing the clinics .My favourite clinics was the Bensound one because we got to listen to lets of music. I all so like the stout gun clinic. Because we got lent where there all live and we got to us them thing I am going to us is how to us the crammers and how to us. Premiere Pro so that we can edit the film. I think that there where to many blog posts we could make a poster or make power pint. I think keep the Bensound clinic and the stout gun clinics. I think you need to make maybe a nether clinic for the editing. I think you should not get rid of anything.

year 6 camp

Year 6 camp was really really fun we did lots of things like we went to Acim, The art center, MCG tour and lost and lost more. one of my favorite things was going to the art center. we went around and saw all the sages my favorite one was the smallest one but it was really cool because there where props on the sage. We got to sit were every we wont to. we all so got to see the ballerinas practicing it was kind of like a free show. I also thought that the lounge were cool because there was one color for each lounge. On that day we all so went to a workshop where we reader a story and put sound effects over it. That night we all went to m sack it was so cool one of my favorite things we did on camp there was a wave pool a water slide and a obststicle Couse my favorite one was the obstsicle Couse. It was a fun day.

the next day we did a lot of walking like 15 kms we walk all the way the the MCG and got a tour one of my favorite parts was going in the change rooms and all so going into the media room. At the end we went to a room and it had lots of fun games my favorite one was the netball one you had to throw the ball where every it said. l all so like the bike one it was like a rill bike but it did not move. we all so went to the museum and saw lots of cool thing one of my favorite t things was a room and it was drack and it had a footy coach taking and there was a norther one and it was Dane won it was really cool because they take about their lives. That night we went to a blowing place it was very colorful and awesome I won and got a strike ( I was very proud of myself ) I really like that day.

The next day was our last day. We went to amcim and made a stop moshen film. it take all day but in the end was worth it. We got a fairytale ours was the 3 little pigs. We got into smell groups and started planning. We all got a scern my groups scen was when they we dancing and the big baed wolf come and they run all the way home. It was a great movermt when it was all finished it was like all the headwork payed of.

Some of my highlights where going to the art center, the MCG, Acim and Bowling

What surprised me was that I did not think I would like the Art Center and at the MCG we went into the games and musen room.

What I learnt was that the MCG stands for Melbourne cricket ground

This has been one of my favorite camp and I am very thankful.

Paper Places By Steve Worland – Reading Rant

I read paper places it is about a boy who lives in a small country side and he goes to school and he is interested in paper planes he goes to Sydney for a competition and to Japan all so to competition he all so goes to another comp by himself where he meets rivals and obstacles along the way.

I think the genre adventure.

In this book there is a person called Jason he is a bully but then he comes nice and my favourite person is Dylan the main character because he is really good at make paper places.

I think that people that are 9 to 16 would like this book.

I give this book an 8 out of 10 because I have read better.

adobe photoshop

Adobe Photoshop it is really fun because you can do whatever you would to the photo I started with this photo than I played a round with the setting

the 2ed setting  is my fav setting because you click on the box with lots of lines and changes the clers and it looks really defend I like the colors of this one   I all so really like the 2ed one because it charge the brightness and the darkness

And It charge the cooler so you move the arrows if you move them up it goes brighter and if you put them down it goes dracker

I really like this program I like how you can do whatever you would to I found hard at the start finding out how to get the picer in this is how you do it Presentation1-w8bwiq I really like this program and I look found to using it



Term 1 Reflection

Wow this term is nelly over it has gone like a flash l really enjoyed starting year 6 in term 1 we have done lots of things like triple R, maths group, inquiry, writers workshop, problem solving, project maths and amaze us it was jam pack.

I enjoyed doing the sage program where we made a hand, leaning how to do a good seed in writers workshop and getting to now how to make a film and film school where we learnt about all the defend things you need to now about my favert was the shout gun mic and the green screen

what was challenging was French because we are staring to have a cofsashon is French, all so amaze us because we had to work out how to us defend programs and problem solving because getting the anser right was herd

what has change me was that before this term I did not now how to us a shout gun mic, a green screen, a auto booth and how to us a shout list and los and los more.

I wonder what films we are going to make next term.

I really enjoyed this term bring on term 2.

Image result for maths

Adobe Character Animator

In amaze us we all got to pick 1 thing to work on me and some other girls worked on adobe character animator I lent how to move the character and change the colour of the the skin how you move the character you clink on the 2ed option and if you move it will move with you and if you play with the setting you can make it talk or if you blick it will or if you move your moth it will it is very fun to play with. it was challenging to get it to work.chareter-pyikr9 

The Great Mouse Plot By Roald Dahl

I was reading the great mouse plot this is a bit of what happened 5 boys all walk to school together and there was a lollies shop on the way they would all ways stop and look inside at all the lollies but even every they did have money they would get strawberry bonbons and liguorice bootlaces but there was a boy and his dad was a doctor and talked him the liguorice bootlaces were made out of mouse blood and silly story but the shop owner Mrs Pratchett she was smell skinny old hag with moustache on her upper lip and a mouth as sour as agree gooseberry. She never smiled. And one day they saw a mouse and one of the boys come up with the play to put inside a lollies jar so that is what he did. The next day they were walking pass the lollies shop and saw that the shop was close they thorn that she had a heart a tack and they were all mercers. When they got to school they all had a assembly at the end they had to all get in lines with their class mates and outcome the principal and Mrs Pratchett and she saw all of the boys that had done the plot and they all got the cane.

L think this book is humour

I liked the 5 boys and I did not like Mrs Pratchett

I would recommend this book to year 2 and up ( I think it is good for all diffent ages)

I like the ending

I give this book a 10 out of 10 it is really funny

Thanks for reading

Fay’s Nines

In project maths we have been working on a project called fays nines you have to put number in to the ones ten and hunders to equal 999 you can not us the number twice

I first did guess and check but then l realis that that it did not work and I want take too long so then I realis that you cannot put 9,8,7and 6 in the hunders place. l us add and place value. l found out that there are 36 combnash for each unick soliton. l found challenging trying to get defend commbnshens.






Today in I lent about how to us a zoom Cramer. There is a mic at the top so you do not need to us a shout gun mic if it is to lond or to quite there is a circle bit at the top to turn it on there is a button at the bottom it is a circles to film there is a circles button at the top it has a little red doubt on it there is a pus and play button to play you films it is a touch screen so if you wont to zoom up you have to do it by the touch screen.

Green Screens

Today I lent about green screens you have to make short that the framing is right you do not want to have a bit of white you just want to see green, if you are talking to the crammer you stand of sender, there is a T on the ground you have to sand on that so you put your feet on ether side of the T, there is a screen on the side of the room but you have to try and look at the crammer it is very heard an you have to put the lights on 3 there is 3 switches on the back and you put them all on 3 we all so lent how to edit it this is how you put you footage to put your futishin in-1w30znh than you click on the top box and something will show up  you click on a pin and then you click on the footage and this will happen to make it look a bit better there are 2 arrows click on the 2ed on and 4 options will come up you click on aggressive this is the finish thing  Auto-SaveOneDrive – Geelong CollegePresentation1-y4e5ku