Today in design we were making a costume for us we were all so make the enter of the robots it is going to come out of some sew weed which is green and blew streamers the and stick on to a box.win_20161117_13_12_53_pro.

We were all so making sew weed for us which is all so green and blew streamers and we are going to sick them on our long stave black top and we are all so going to wear a black and white skirt.


week 6

This week we were did swimming I was in lane 4we did thing like laps, diving, games and racing it was fun but head when we were doing laps on the last day of the leson every one get together had all raced I was in lane 2 because they needed more people. I do not now what we come.



This week I finsh my bag that we were making we lernt how to do zig zag stich and stirat stich it was fun. We had to sow the sides together and put vacrow on it. This is my bag .



In maths today we looking at spinner B we had to make a pie graph and with the numbers we  got we put into a graph. this is what spinner be looked like.


my one did not look

like this because I only did 40 spins and it is just lucky jhgh



then we put the hole of 5B together and I was pretty evern  on where ones we only did 40 spins but all of 5Bs we 721 spins so if you do more spins it will look more like the we had fist



robot dace


We got to pick put we waned to do my group wont to do robot dace we were pattering our dace jas was teaching us and then we wound copy and do it our self. We all so watched our program and we think it is perfect we are happy with it then we put the background up and play the program and we dace we are just about finish we just have to add some deckerrashons.

Book report

I am reading a book about Malala she lived in pakkistan and she was getting attacked by the Taliban she and one day she was on the bus with her friend a a person come in and said who is Malala no one  said any thing but there all looked at her and the person now it was her she he shoot her she went to the holpicl at amicu and she had to stay there because if she did not she wond get shoot a gen but from this day on she is still protesting. and in 2014 she won the Nobel Peace Prize and she was the youngest ever to do it. and this year she is finshing school

Maths Today

In the maths today we were looking at changes and we made spinners. We made 3 1 was a fire one and the other 2 were un fair this is my un fair one.

This is un fair because only 2 prats are coloured in but there is 3 whait prats. The change of getting green is 3/5


This is fair because the are 2 equre prats a the cage of getting green is 50/50


Design 33/11/16

In design today we were making bags I had to sow the sides in strat stich and then do zig zag I did not get up to doing that because I had to unpick a lot of times because l did not do it right. I did not start a that the top of the coner and I did not go right to the end.   win_20161102_15_13_28_pro