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We have been learning about why not to leva baby in cars. They have more skin then us adult could stay in cars for agers but it is dangerous for kid to stay in the car. They could die but it is very dangerous for baby to stay in the car if you lever them in the car just for 5 mins they could still die.  In a baby there is 6 surface area and in a adult there is 128. In a baby there is 24 volume and in a adult there is 40 volume so baby sweat more so they lose there volume witch is 24 but adult have 40 volume so they sill sweat but they sweat slower.

Robots Dace

win_20161018_11_28_30_proOn Wednesday we were painted the background we went to the art room and got a big pes of papper and painted it blew. Ones it had tried we put some decoration on like jellyfish, starfishfish and seewaed.

On Thursday we were doing some more decorations we put some blew papper on some boxes we all put some more thing on the backgroup. We all so did a little bit of progaming.

On Friday we were pragming a lot I got the robot to move the arms and we all so made a cushume for the robot and help with some decortions.

years 8’s

On Thursday we went to the years 8 class rooms we had a look a round and pick 1 to blog about this was one of my favourite it is a wave board I think a girl call gergey made it she first had to get the shape of the board then she had to sand it and put the paint on and she is finished. I really like this one!!!


dace robot

On Tuesday we were ask to get in to groups of 4 I went with Lulu, Lillie and jas we fist had to chose a theme a song and a cushum for us and the robot.

We thort we wont do it to the song hide away so we start planning things like the background and cushum.

On Wednesday we want to change where plan and theme to under the sea ( little mermaid) song under the sea from the movie little mermaid and the robots cushum was going to be a Picher of the little mermaid gay paper on the side and green seaweed and on the top of the robot we are going to have blew fabric we all so made a little bit of the background the seaweed.




On therday we were starting to progmam our dace we split it up in to 4 prats I am doing the 2ed prats this is the pramam that I made it is going to go strat turn go left go strat a and turn right and do a cerkel. we also were doing where dace.