leson 8

For the past 3 days we have been looking a sensors how work and how we can put thing on our srenn like it can say something. I got many to say something but now I am going to yoose the coler sensors if you put something in frout of it will go back and ture.My group and I are going to make up a dace with our robot and we still on that to.

this is the brick that you can make the robot say some thing the fist bonto in like setting the the rubber l do not now what is dose the X and y that is were the writing is show like on my prgmam it says 1 and 5 that mens it will be in the middel. the black squre l do not now what tht manins the 2 aa are for the siser of the witing.

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lesson 7

In design we were getting really for the robot Olympics I was working with Kate to get the 100m to work it work the first time but it run in to the wall so we just had to change some of the rotations this is the programkio                    than my group decided that we were going to do the relay we just yoose our 100m program and put them together.

Today we went to the gum to test our robots and make sure they it worked my 100m progman did not work on the gum flour but it worked on the callsoom flour so I had to do some thing to get it to work then me and my group praters for the rela and it worked.

Today in design we went to the gum for robot Olympics l was in 100m for the EV3 I come 3th then me and my group were in the rela we come 4th because the robot come of track but it still made it to the end. There was all so a opening seremn were all the robots mrshed some did not work but some did.






Usain Bolt

today in maths we were looking at Usain Bolt running we had to put him running in a moive maker and we snip it. He takes 41 steps in 100m and each one is 2.43m


100mFor desing we have been geeting really for the olympics we have to chose a race to go in and we all so have many so ahlets where conty is Brsil.

my group is  going on the 100m and the race that your robot has to hold something.

l am yoosing the spirows and the robot for our gruop.

l am yoosing the app on the ipan call tikels and l am all so do it on my compert.


No Gun for Asmir


Would it be better to be Elder or Asmir?


I think it is none because they were living in the war and there are lots and lots of bombs going off and there dad has gone and they do not now were he is.

I would not what to be Asmir because he has to now take the roll of the dad and that would be very hard because I think he just would to be a kid.


I would not what to be Elder be because may think it is normal that there is war he may end up being a soiled and may think.


maths today


l think there are 15 houses becuse becuse we have flip and tern them all and we also got 1 house each and move 1 block to every place and we also put them into groups they are in those groups becuse if you flip it will be the same shape there are grops of 1 and 2 and there is a group will 4 in it WIN_20160802_09_22_37_Pro