leson 3

Today in disen we were wiring out direction to make a punnet and jelly sandwich (the worksheet is from America) I did not finish it but I got hafe way.Then we were ask to make a square with the robot were robot is going around a chair I have got mine to go haft way it take a lot of testing and changing with my group we testing the round before we stared it is 3 or 4.


Making Connections

Text to world

in no guns for asmir it is like terick

text to salf

the person that was in the vioto he whot go a day with no water or food but we have water and food every day.

text to text

in one step at a time they is a war going on it both books.


Today we made robots we had to find or the part of logo and put them togetter to make a robots it was changeling because some of the logo parts we cont not find and we had to ask for help we all had to take in torrs of doing a step each. I like making robots. A problem we had was we cont not find eney more because they had all goone so we had to go a round the room to tye and find some and we find some.