Design Hunt ☺☺☺


I think is 30 years there will be cars with no sting whells and you will just tall it to go some our and it will go there.




The light

I think sone if there is no power it will stay on.



The bin

If the bin gets full it will empety otpely.



Me Books

.WIN_20160615_13_09_27_ProToday we did RRR we had to read to 3 people audres and l did it fist 2 thing I leant about her was she love donates and she likes going to texties the next persn I read to was ella 2 thing l lert about her was she has two dog and a cat and her fav food is chocolate the last perst I want with takoda her fav moive is star was 7 and her fav musicals was matilda





Allrgro Day

IMG_0196This week the yera 5 went to senior school to do allrgro all day.  At the end of the day so familys come to whach us l was playing the flot we did 3 berformancel aillia the camel, fluty friend and go go allrgro my favert one was go go allrgro. At the start of the day we play a game one group or instem woted paly a rilerm and the other had to gess. It it was very fun. I really like the day.


Today we did rube Goldberg machines we find out that start and the popstick did not work so we did to test and had a look a round we fond out that we could get author simple machine for the start and put a wheel on some wool and put the wool on some k’new. Next we had to work out how to got the middle peat so we got a ramp and put so domnos on the buttel to live it up and it word.



Today l finish my game it is cross rode. It take me about 2 day to make l got some help from the expert table. My game is for 10 years old and younger. If you do not know what cross rode is it is a game that you have to press the arrow keys to move you have to try and get to the end but not get hit by a car. l also finish a game call jump the blocks what you have do is jump the blocks and not touch them.



the butterfly lion

There is a boy and he live in England and he goes to school but he does not like it there is also a teacher he is very man to the boy and he ran a way and met a lady and she says come in and they have some scons and cups of tea. And she tell him about the Butterfly Lion.

“it was the best year of Bertie’s young life . But when it ended, it ended more painfully than he could ever have imagined. “(P.42)

I think that the lion got to big and bit him.

  1. What is the boys name that goes to school
  2. What or who is the butterfly lion
  3. Will he go back to school



black water 2


Is it ok for Brodie to keep the truth inside forever?

I think he needs to tall someone like his mum or dad so they know and he will feel better.

It will effect

  • him salf
  • Otis
  • Pauline becuse she has past away
  • Otis Family becuse if he dose not tell then they will never noe khow killed there son
  • Pauline Family becuse if he dose not tell then they will never know how killed there derder




On Friday we went to melben to do lego the first thing we did was made ferrsweels I was with Lillie l was making and Lillie was getting everything out ours did not work fist because the gees were not touching and we did not put every piss on over that we pulled it abort and did it agent this time is worked because we had every piss and the gesso our touching this is a phone of me making it

Billy cars

I was with Lillie I made the herd prat and Lillie made the easy part they part that l was making was very herd because there was lots of little prats and if you got on thing wort it did not work averter l finish we put the wheels and the top to gather the car was finish so we put it on the ramps to test it is did not go that far.

IMG_1053    IMG_1038IMG_1006IMG_0144