The Butterfly Lion

There is a boy and he live in England and he goes to school but he does not like it there is also a teacher he is very man to the boy and he ran a way and met a lady and she says come in and they have some scons and cups of tea. And she tell him about the Butterfly Lion.


“it was the best year of Bertie’s young life . But when it ended, it ended more painfully than he could ever have imagined. “(P.42)


I think that the lion got to big and bit him.


  1. What is the boys name that goes to school
  2. What or who is the butterfly lion
  3. Will he go back to school



My Project

DNCUWhat l am going to be doing is makeing a game that there will be thing that will foll from the sky and you have to cachy them if you miss 3 the game will be over nd if you chaga a bom the game will be over this game will be for yera five and oneer it is goung to have mice and if you chaght one the mice will go high and if you miss on it the mice will go low.


Today we did scratch l made 2 game one was cross road and te other one was jump the blocks. Cross road was a lot logn er to make. l got some help for the expert tabel they showed me how to get my character to go up. The other game was jump the blocks.It was very easy all l did was move the blocks and get tmjilk gerehe ball to jump.


Today we did scratch l finsh of my race track it was challiy to get it to work and diver a round but in the end l got it to work. l feel happy that l have finsh it. Over l did my race track l strat to make my track but it delet some how it was very fustresh then l had a think about out l wont to do l thoug about makeing a game that you have to chach the shaps in a buckt so today l made the bucter and l also made the sapers so now l just have to get it to work and move.hhbhgvg


Today we did scratch l lert how to get my coshdrooms move it also made a game out of scrstch it is a drivering game it was hred but got easy l really like scratch.Capture

Rube Goldberg Machines

Today we did rube Goldberg machines we find out that start and the popstick did not work so we did to test and had a look a round we fond out that we could get author simple machine for the start and put a wheel on some wool and put the wool on some k’new. Next we had to work out how to got the middle peat so we got a ramp and put so domnos on the buttel to live it up and it word.


ssshcvnjbjbToday we learned how to use scratch. We watched some videos then we made our own. l made two. The first one was a little blue person and the second one was some feeling. lt was very hard first but then we got used to it. l feel good about it becuse it is esey and it is fun we learned today about how to make them and how to get them to move.

The Expo

WIN_20160516_15_40_50_ProYesterday was the Rube Goldberg expo we exhad lots of guss and they ask lost of questions where machines work 3 times we had to take out some thing for it to work we take out the wheel and the tube. The pullly cept on getting stuk. I think if we had more time we could of done some thing about the pully and got it to work next time. lt was a good day yesterday but it wort of been better if our machine worked.

design plan

How were design works it strats with a wheel and wool nocks down 5 domins then goes down a hafe tube then noxt down  29 domins then gose down a buck and pulling and hits the mouse mat and tacks a phone of some teddy