Today asha and I fish makeing our piano. It was very haed to make but we did it in the end one. If the herd prtes to make was the back becaus the inshen were not the clerb and there were lots and lots of pesin a nother prent was  the keys to get one l did some and asha did some there were 15 keys out to get them on frster was some one holed the greed sick then the other on what pash the key on.

Simple Machine

Today we started making simple machines.  We got into groups of 5 or 4 and then we had to decide who would do what machine there were lots and lots of machines to choose from. l am going to make a pully and bucket and a slow spiner. l am fist making the slow spiner it was challenging trying to get the right pieces but we had to put blocks together   at the end we have to put all the machine togerth.

Term 2 Reading Challenges

My challengees:

  • A book my friends love
  • A book set somewhere l have always wanted to go ( NewYork and Hollywood)
  • A book that is funny
  • A book l started but never finished
  • A book based on a true story