My Pom Pom creation

WIN_20160211_12_41_50_Pro WIN_20160209_12_43_23_ProWIN_20160205_11_37_44_Pro

So this is my finshed product. It was fun. l like it. It is very big. It was hard to cut but Mr McKie and l did it.

How to make a pom-pom:

1- cut two holes.

2- get some wool and and wrap it around the cardboard

3-then cut your pom pom by getting some scissors and cutting around it.

l am going to be make a mobile for my room. WIN_20160219_11_43_02_Pro

Pom Poms

Today l finshed my mobile. It was fun. l really like it but next time l will make the pom poms a little bit bigger. WIN_20160223_12_49_54_Pro

Me as a reader

When l read l like it quiet. I like it to be in my bed snuggled up under a  blanket and it feels ok.

Pom Pom Creations


We have been working on pom pom. Becaues we read a book about a girl and she had some wool. Making pom pom can be very hard some time be they are very fun to make. Next time l am going to make my pom pom smaller. l have really liked making my pom pom.