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Have you wanted to get revenge on your siblings, but are stuck on ideas?

I know I have… And I have some pretty good ideas for the perfect pranks.

But keep a watch out or they might just get you back!


Digi_AmazeUs Update

Image to come….when problem is fixed

These past few weeks I have made a list of the pranks that I will do, the template is kind of like a shotlist template. I have completed and filmed two pranks and am working on another one. I had to stop for a little while because they were becoming very cautious of what they do and I wouldnt be as good of a reaction. But I am doing one soon. I haven’t changed a thing yet from my origional idea so it is all the same. I have been hiding the camera under bed sheets and through gaps of things and then once they find out it is a prank I get the camera and hold it. I have found there reactions interesting. I have found hiding the camera in a place they can’t see but a place where they a in the frame challenging. I have found doing the pranks fun.

That is all. Stay tuned for my next post. Will I amaze you?? Bebe…

S.O.S Zoo Film

This term we have had another amazing opportunity. We got to create a film and learnt more about them and what is causing there extinction. Here are the steps it took to end up with the film above, about the SOS 10. I chose the Orang-utan because I feel as if they have more of a chance out of all the animals to survive longer as people are becoming more e aware of palm oil and what they are doing. SOS stand for, Save Our Soles, but in this case it means Save Our Species. Here are the steps we went through for our SOS project.

  1. Pick animal and start to do some research on what effects them, how we can help, some facts ect.
  2. Start to write a script
  3. Share a revise with people
  4. Film your animal at the zoo and take notes of what the zoo does to help the animal prevent extinction and some facts about what happens in the wild.
  5. Look over and delete any footage that you don’t think has gold moments
  6. Share footage on k-drive
  7. Edit and submit first draft
  8. Give feed back
  9. Edit again and submit final



This week I researched some videos of people pranking others. They gave me ideas on some pranks that I can do. I also looked at how to make some of the things needed for one of the pranks. For example, I learned how to make fake poop. I also found out how to hide a camera so they don’t see it and suspect anything. I have made my brothers sign a conteract so that they can’t complain or pull out when I prank them.

Keep up to date with my post on Digi_AmazeUs. Bebe

Image: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/hET1yuWS74E/maxresdefault.jpg


For my term four Digi_AmazeUs I will be making a prank video on my brothers. They will most likely then prank me back and I will tell them they have to film it if they want to get me back. I will put the footage into a film and present that. My message will be that karma will get you and know what you have done. P.S I will notify them to watch their back.prank

Image: http://orig05.deviantart.net/4ed4/f/2009/248/9/8/jokey_smurf__s_prank_by_crazycartoongirl.jpg

Choice Day

Yesterday we tried something for the first time. It was choice day. There were eleven activities held and we got to choose our top six activities. We ended up doing one activity in the middle of the day for two hours. I was put in sewsialising were you cut out and sewed together your own patterned paper to make bunting or a hanging piece. It was fifth on my list but it turned out to be alright. I made triangle bunting and a cross hanging piece. They were pretty good for my first time but not the neatest.

The other activities were:

  1. Acting Out – The rehearsed a scene and performed a play incorporating their skills and abilities
  2. Bottle rockets – They used chemical science to make bottles kind of like a rocket
  3. Countdown – Unavailable
  4. Flight School – They learnt techniques on flying drones
  5. Garden Making – They planted and worked in the year four enviro garden
  6. Knitty Knitting – They learnt how to knit and created something from there
  7. Long Division – Unavailable
  8. Micro Worlds Programming – Unavailable
  9. Mosaic Madness – They made their own mosaic design on a tile
  10. SimCity Pollution Challenge – They were the mayor of their own city and were challenged to provide everyone’s needs and make it a happy place to live

Overall I think that the day was a great idea and it defiantly gave students a choice in their learning.


Here is the video that Emily and I have created. We got the idea by watching some YouTube videos were the dog gives you a tour of their house and new that we wanted to do something like that. We then wrote a shotlist over factime of all of the footage that we wanted in our film. We used a few things like Corel, voice overs, camera and props. We faced a few challenges and one of them was when Flossie got taken to work with Michael the day that Emily drove down here and it was a forty minute drive. So we ended up getting the dog from Michael. I learnt that dogs have a blurrier vision than us and that you need to be organised if you want anything to happen.

I think that we did challenge our self and I also think that we did Amaze_You.

Geelon By Kids For Kids

This term we have had an amazing opportunity. We got  to create a film promoting Geelong. We made the film to then hand onto the, Geelong and the Bellarine, company. Below is the process that we went  through  to end up with a great film. Our goal was to show Geelong by kids; for kids.

  1. Research promotional films and look at some films to help us get an idea of what we need to be creating
  2. Make a mind map of locations and things that you want to have in your film. That mind map then went to the teachers who organised where we went and tried to squeeze in everything we wanted to do in one day.
  3. We started to write a shotlist with partners that were given to us and thought about what we would film at different locations
  4. Once we got to the location that we were assigned to we walked and stopped in between to get film
  5. We had to put all of our film onto our laptops and cut out any footage we thought that no one would want to use. We converted to the left over footage put it on a USB and shared it with two people from each grade
  6. We edited using Corel, Adobe or any other editing app that you understood how to use
  7. we received feedback from people that haven’t seen your film before and used that to work on your film
  8. Once we thought that our film was at its best we submitted it to the K-Drive and shared it again to get feedback so that the teachers could see who had a really good film


Here is the shotlist that Cece and I made


Here is the second feedback form that I received.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for my next blog posts. Enjoy. Bebe?

Digi – Teaser


One Task. Two people working on it. Three minute film. Four Digi – Blog posts. Five syllable question. Six mistakes and fall backs fixed. Seven hours working together. Eight is a number that I can’t come with something for. Nine is the number before ten. Ten weeks to complete it… What have we come up with?

Have you ever wondered what was going on inside your pets head? Well Emily and I have. In fact we thought it would be a great idea to show you what we think they are thinking. That is why we have created something amazing. Something you won’t see until week ten.


Image: cdn.vectorstock.com

Belgium Culture

WIN_20160831_082043 (2)

For the past few weeks we have been learning about different countries and the customs, religion and social behavior. This is the second country that I have done. The first was Ireland. Here is what we had to do.

We first had to choose a country and the only rule was that it had to be competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics. I chose Belgium. Then we had to hand-draw the flag of the country. Once we finished we then found some customs. After that, religion and last but not least social behavior.

Belgium is different to Australia because of the style that they dress in. Whilst we wear comfortable clothes that are considered ‘normal’ over here. They however dress similer to the French. It will make more sense in the image above. Belgium is similar to Australia in the amount of chocolate that they produce. In Belgium each year they produce 172,000 tons of chocolate. We don’t produce as much as that but we sure do produce A LOT. If I lived in Belgium I would find Carnival of Binche interesting. It is were people dress up exactly the same and were the same masks. They walk through the street of Binche up until Ash Wednesday. If you look at the photo up above it will explain what Carnival of Binche is in more detail. Although I would find trying to understand so that I can respect every body’s religion. They have so many different ones that you lose count after a while.

That is all for Belgium. Hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned for my next post. Bebe!!

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