digi-au teaser

do you like rear things?

do you like thing that will never happen first go?

do like trick shots?

this term I put forward some of my own tricks shots in to a big film, called digi amaze us.


do you like them our do you not that is the question.

digi update

so far me and ben thought that we were running out of time to film our basketball trick shots so then we decided to ad in Ping-Pong trick shots. we made a small goal and a small back board. we got bats and balls to use as well. then we started filming in the class room at lunch times to try squeeze in some sort of trick shots. As well I did a little bit of filming in a digi session.

we are also thinking to film on the 12th and 13th of November our basketball trick shots at my place. hopefully.


sos zoo blog post


we started of by getting the task and then the teachers gave us 10 animals that were endangered and we had to pick one to lend our voice to I picked the western lowland gorilla because I once had an experience with one.

-going to the zoo

once we had our animals we found out our groups and we went to the S.O.S (save our species)  lecture we learnt about what they are doing to help the animals. after that my group headed of to the gorillas and we did our piece to cameras and we got our videos and photos for the final product.


with my editing it worked pretty well but there was one problem finding the right music I was looking every where but in the end I chose to use no music, I found that it still was powerful and got the message across

-feed back

this was the feed back that I got for my finishing product

great pictures and voice over. powerful choice of words. Spencer

I liked all the facts you used – Ben

it had a really powerful message- Harry H

I liked how you made e it so that we could be in the perspective of the gorilla – Barnaby

I like how you said imagine if you were a gorilla and you said imagine if you were a gorilla and your home was getting cut down – Max

Your voiceover is very entertaining, and you have really good facts.-Camilla

You had a strong message. Your images were good and you had greet facts -Issy

I like your facts, and the fact thhat you have no music. The footage is really ood and I liked the perspective. You really made me care about the animal- Emmy

I like the facts and the footage. -Zoe

I love the piece to camera and the video and photo choice was really good thee whole video made me care for the animal. ii also learned a few facts and other things about gorilla and how they die.-Alex.w

I really liked the footage and your voiceovers. Nice choice of words – Fake Apple watch guy. (aka Harry Santa)

I think your had great facts and your message was very clear – Isaac

You had some great facts and your voice over was really clear – Jack

I like how you put us in their shoes, voiceovers were great — Sam

Great job great footage – Jesse




digi research

So far for my trick shot video I have looked at some dude perfect films and got some ideas. I have also read some comments on the last blog post and people gave suggestions that would be really helpful so. I’m writing all the possible trick shots down on a word doc. Here are some of them

  • The trust shot where you bounce it through someone’s legs into the goal
  • Over the wall shot
  • Double three pointer maybe triple if we get it in
  • The hole shot
  • And we have
  • a really good intro idea but were not going to tell you


digi proposal

for my digi au I am doing a trick shot video with Ben Maxwell Gorell. we are aiming to use a basketball and a Frisbee. we have got our location (my house) and what we are shooting and throwing into (my basketball ring). I’m pretty shore the equipment I am planning to use is my good camera and one of the schools tripod.


promo film reflection

doc130916-0001We were given a task to make a film for Geelong tourism. We started off  by getting a brief about it all and then we researched some of the clients films that they have created. Once we all finished them we found our locations that we would be going to film, then we found our crew and our partner and we started to make our Shotlist. A few weeks later we went to our location to film.Then we shared our footage with the rest of the crew.  We started editing. We got to a finishing point so then we got feedback from several people.  Then we went back and edited according to the feedback. After we did all that only four peoples films will be sent off to the client.


If I move to America I will be 4.8 times more likely to go to prison, and be 28.08 more unlikely to be employed why would I want to move there. but I would make 22.79 more money. stool you will use 28.47 more electricity and die 2 and a half years sooner. plus you would spend 44.87 more on health care. worst of all have 6.32 less free time. but the great thing is a can get a really good car?????????????????????????

digi teaser

can  you laugh can you not laugh that is the question.  my digi au is about making a  video to try and make the audients laugh. all is going well accept one problem, one problem find out what  that problem is next  time on something.


digi-au update


I have not been doing much of my digi yet but I have photo shopped one picture which is max holding a sun.

I think I might chuck in a few videos just to mix it up for my next photo that I might create would be an animal mix up. a picture with different body parts of different animals all together. what I have figured out is that’s its really hard to make these because I don’t really have a main source like Alex’s digi which was funny and probably easy because he had a main source of putting peoples heads on to animals. that’s why I’m mainly leaning towards getting pictures of max or other people doing funny things.

here is a sneak peek of a photo