Orangutan conservation film

This term we have been working on our save our species films.This project is all about making people care about your endangered animal.                                    Choosing my animal

To start writing our script we had to work our what animal we had to choose. We had a choice of 10 animals- The Gorilla, The Asian Elephant, The Lord Howe Island Stick Insect, The Philippines Crocodile, The Lion, The Tasmanian Devil, The Helmeted Honeyeater, The Baw Baw Frog, The Australian Fur seal and the Orangutan. I chose the Orangutan.

The script writing

After i had locked in my animal i needed to start writing my script. I Researched a lot of things like how many orangutans are left in the wild and why they are going extinct. When i Thought i had enough information i started writing my script until it was its strongest. I chose the Orangutan because It is so similar to humans and it has 2 types so it is possible to save them!!

The Excursion

Now we need footage so we went to the Melbourne zoo. The footage i got in the end was great. But as soon as we got off the bus…. It started raining! We had to stay in shelter for about 15 minutes. A problem was that there weren’t enough cameras, But i got to share the DSLR camera with Camilla which was great!!


Now we had filmed and got great  footage We had to edit. I recorded My voice overs and got them perfect on the first try!! I found a problem- Music!! I looked all over you tube but i just couldn’t find music  that fit the mood i finally found a slow upbeat song that i added into my final copy.


it is really good footage but i cant hear any sound. i don’t know if it is just my headphones but it looks really good- elsie


i really like your music and the voice overs and the little videos that you have in the film – milly


The film is good, the voice overs are clear and the music is good and not to loud. Harry Sadler


I really like you voice over it has a powerful message. i also like the music which is the perfects volume- Mia


i liked you voice over and the music, you made me care about the animal – Samantha


Your music really helped the mood of the film and the message that you were telling was really clear. You really made the audience care about the orangutan- Bridie


Great voice overs and really clear PTC and the music really matches the mood. – Emily F


I like your facts and i can tell you really care about them. It makes me care too. I love your music and the footage is amazing. You put alot of detail into why they are dying.-Emma


The music matches the footage and the mood you’ve set for the film. The footage taken is very clear and easy to see. The PTC and voiceovers were easy to hear – Abbi


I really like your music because it matches the mood and you script is really strong. I really like your P.T.C- sophie


you used good music and your voiceovers are good-ellie


you used great music and love your facts.-harriette


i loved all the facts that you used and the music was really good and suited the film really well-RUBY












Digi-Amaze_Us Update


So far i have been going super well with my bath bomb Project. I have done my research but i will still watch loads more videos to get tips!! I have been going through the pros and cons on either to do a video on me showing how to make the bath bomb or having voice overs and actually telling you how to make a bath bomb and i have finally decided that i will do a tutorial film with voice- overs. I have been planning my shot list this week and watching heaps of videos as well as reading blogs and websites. I have finished my shot list and i now need to work out what i will need to film and when i will film My shot list will definitely change and i still need to work out a planning software to design the bomb. I am thinking about using colourfy and using the photo part when you draw a picture take a photo with the app it turns it a bit cartoonish and you can make it full of colour!!

what do you think??


Digi Research


So far I am happy with my progress, although I haven’t been physically experimenting with bath bombs I have been doing a lot of research.

At first I had a look at a you tuber lulu recommended but on her channel I found the popular galaxy bomb didn’t actually seem as good as it sounds!! But i found another girl who made quite a large bath bomb that was a great teal colour and the end of the video the bath bomb got put in water and I found it looked awesome!! I had a look at some more of the videos and I found the videos very helpful!!

Another part of my Digi is that I am actually designing the bath bomb using a program on my IPad or laptop. This is the most challenging side of the project. I haven’t been able to find the right program yet. if you know what I could use please comment!

If there is anything about my Digi-Amaze_Us you know I can improve on please tell me or comment on my blog posts!!

Digi-Amaze_Us proposal


For Digi this term my idea is…………

To Make a bath bomb…… Now i bet you are thinking Ummm how is digital?? well i am going to plan out my bath bomb on a software like maybe, paint, illustrator or i might find another software i could use. I will also use the app prisma and hopefully take some cool pictures.

I will buy a lush bath bomb and cut it open to see how it is constructed and possibly try to construct the same bomb. I will present it by putting my footage into Corel and when i fail or do something wrong i will rewind the footage and a message will come up on the screen saying what i did wrong and how i fixed the problem at the end i will add the picture of the plan and the picture of the actual bomb i also will also add some prisma pictures. When i present my film i will bring in a bath bomb and maybe, possibly put the bath bomb in some water for everyone to see!!

I will be challenging myself as i will have to research the way to make a bath bomb, make it, plan it some how using media, also the editing will be very challenging now keep in mind i have never made a bath bomb so i am not expecting to get it right first time round!!

I will be delivering the message that, you can do anything if you put your mind to it but also i am teaching the audience how to make a bath bomb without making a tutorial type film that has voice overs as that can get boring!!!

Digi-Amaze_Us finale

Yesterday i got to share  my Digi au to the class i think it went well we need to ask ourselves a couple questions……..

Did i really challenge myself?- Yes i think i did challenge myself with choosing what to do and the height or the camera also i need to focus on time management more. If i had more time i would definitely challenge myself more

Did i amaze my audience as much as i could have? I think i tried to amaze my audience as much as i could i do not think my finished product was the amazing factor i think was actually how i got to my finished product.





Promo film reflection

At the start of term we got a challenge, this challenge was a bit different though. We got the challenge to make a promo film of Geelong called- Geelong By Kids For Kids. We had a problem, how do we get footage? So every class went some place different

Here is my finished product-

6A went to supatramp and Torquay.

6B went to leisure link and the barwon edge.

6C went to the water front from the skate park to the horse shoe.

First we didn’t know what our film should look like so for the first couple of weeks we were analyzing our clients other promo films and watched heaps of them to get inspiration on what our finished product should look like we then brainstormed different places along the waterfront that we could see and film. From these ideas we were able to start forming our shot list we would write how long the shot would be, what shot it would be and what the shot would be of Then came the fun part FILMING!!!

.I am in 6C so i got to go to the water front we got heaps of different shots from a tracking shot to a underwater shot! Overall filming was super fun i took my bike so i got some GoPro shots and i even got to play a bit of volleyball!! Now i had my footage but i needed to cull it so i went through and worked out what footage was GOLD footage and what could go then i went into the editing process, putting different effects on the footage and/or   playing around with the speeds you can alter. Then we started getting a feedback sheet- i wasn’t able to have this due to laptop problems, But i still got people to watch my film and got their feedback and i actioned it made my film the best i thought it can be and rendered it.









AUSTRALIA VS JAPANI will update this post with a scanned image of my book when  i did this i hadn’t got a scanned image yet.



J- The Japanese eat food like lots of rice and fish as well as fried vegetables a well known dish -dumplings as well as sushi. Japan has many types of restaurants from stand up mobile benches on the street to restaurants who have robot food servers!!!

A-We eat lots of food and our ingredients vary as we get different food from all over the world, we have Thai, Asian, French croissants for breakfast!! But the indigenous had a different source- hunting they would hunt all kinds of food such as fish and native animals- kangaroos etc.


J- The traditional dress of Japanese woman is wearing a silk kimono-(it is kind of like a long thin silk robe ) with a thong shoe that has a very high sole. The men wear a top very similar to a kimono except it only goes down to your waist they also wear a light pant with the same shoe as the woman.

A-Our traditional dress- aboriginal tribe was the skins of warm coated animals such as possums and kangaroo’s but things have changed, we now wear what ever we want whenever we want we are a multicultural country so if you want to wear the traditional dress of your country go ahead!!


J- in Japan sports such as sumo wrestling and martial arts are classified as “the traditional sport” but sports such as baseball and association football are also popular

A-Once again as we are a MULTICULTURAL country different kinds of sport are played everywhere like- tennis, equestrian, hockey, volleyball, soccer, football, rugby etc.


J- The main Religions of japan are Buddhism  and Shinto is very focused on the evil spirits and believe that is why bad things happen- evil spirits. where as Buddhism believes in many different things and they believe that Buddha isn’t a god but a person who woke up and could control everything.

A- Australia is a VERY multicultural country so if you want to be Muslim or Christian no-one is going to stop you!! The Aboriginal culture has for many years and will still do the same in years to come- tell stories and pass them of from generation to generation.


J- A massive celebration in japan is Lunar new year this is celebrated on the 1st on January and the gift is usually a large amount of money.

A- really big celebration in Australia is Australia day when we all celebrate our countries culture.

Reading blog comic strip


For this weeks reading blog post we had to create a four part comic strip about an event in the book we are reading at the moment.

At the moment i am reading a book called the whole of my world it may not make much sense so i will tell you this-(the info will NOT spoil the book!!!)

the girl in the bed’s mum died in a car crash with her twin brother on her 13th birthday……………………………………

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