Reading Rants


This term you are required to complete a few Reading Rants about the books that you finish. You are expected to complete at least two Reading Rants this term.

These are the guidelines for your Reading Rant page entries … do a new entry every time you finish reading a book!

In your entry, you are to include:

  1. The date of the entry
  2. Book title and author
  3. An image of the front cover
  4. Summary of the story
  5. Information about the type of book (fantasy, historical fiction, action, biography, etc.)
  6. What you liked and didn’t like about the text
  7. Who you liked and didn’t like in the story
  8. Who you would recommend the book to and why
  9. A rating of the book out of 10
  10. Then, please send the URL link to Mr Henderson once you have published your update

Be vigilant with this! It is a great way for you to begin to build a profile of yourself as a reader.


The Diary of a Part time Indian, Alexie Sherman.

It is based on a Indian American kid called Arnold.

The book follows one school year in the life of Junior, a fourteen-year-old boy living with his family on the Spokane Indian Reservation near Wellpinit, Washington; it is told in diary style, moving from the start of the school year through the major holidays and through to the beginning of summer, and it includes both Junior’s written record of his life and drawings he makes,

It is a few different types of text in one book and I can’t really name them all because there is so many.

I liked how they made the story all different types of text into one it made the story a lot different in many ways to get it’s message across to the people that are reading the book.

I didn’t like how they had some big chapters and small chapters all the way through the story it could be a bit more balanced.

But I liked everything else in the book to be honest.

I would recommend it to people that like comedy because there is alto of funny parts.

But i think that is a really great book and I had lots of fun reading it.







Slam Magazine ( 6 Gods)

It is a magazine with articles about NBA players, NBA coaches, High School Players and College Players.

These articles are about shoes and they have prices and websites were you can purchase off court shoes and on court shoes. I recommend that you should stick to the on court shoes if you wanted new basketball shoes but also the off court shoes still look pretty cool to wear around

These articles are about their journey through from when they were young to where they are now.

An example of an article is the one on Mike Muscala

Mike Muscala

He started off playing in his home town playing in his high school basketball team. Then he really started working hard to get where he is now. When he got into his college team he was so excited and never knew where he would be today.

He was a hard player that always went for the boards on both ends of the floor. He is a great shooter and he can even rise up for some monster dunks.


It is a non fiction magazine with biography’s in it about people in the basketball community.

I liked how they set the articles out and how they got the pictures and used them in a good way. I liked how the photo made sense with the text.

I didn’t like how they had so many adds about random basketball events that happened in the past.

I would recommend it to people that like basketball and are interested about trades and different things to do with basketball.

I think it is 9.5/10 because the adds just made the magazine just go on for a bit to long and made you lose topic.


Balotelli (Luca Cailoi)

The book is about the journey of Balotelli when he went to all the different countries and different leagues. He went to England, Italy and many more countries and leagues.

It is a biography about Mario Balotelli and his journey through his soccer career.

I liked how they wrote the story with all the facts in one book without making it boring.

I didn’t like how they wrote the story in all these chapters. They could of made the less chapters and in some chapters they had too many facts.

I would recommend this book to people that like soccer and are interested in biographys.















The new kid on the block (SLAM)

Their was a stroy about Kevin Garnett that was really interesting. This is it..                                                  21 savage. A 19-year-old Kevin Garnett showed up in Minnisota with  the weight of the world on his shoulders. His one season laid the foundation for hall of fame career that blazed the trail for a generation of preps-yo-pros phenoms to come.

It’s a magazine.

I liked how they wrote all the articles with the description of the words.

I liked all the photos that they used and some of the articles that they wrote.

I didn’t like how they made the format for the articles.

I would recommend the book to people that like basketball and are interested in reading articles about basketball.