Switzerland Culture

This week we have started a new project called cultures of the world. You research about the country’s and different category like,. Customs, Special Behaviors and Religion.



Switzerland Culture                                                                    Australian Culture

Flag Throwing                                                                              Cricket

They are very serious people                                                     Australians are laid back

38.2% are Roman Catholic                                                       61.14% are Christianity 

Switzerland people like  cheese                                                Australian people like Meat Pies


The differences are that Switzerland people play weird sports like flag throwing. But in Australia we play Cricket,Football,Basketball.

Another difference is the Switzerland people are very serious and with Australians we are laid back.

Another difference is the Religion is more different in Switzerland because the most popular religion is Roman Catholic and in Australia the most popular religion is Christianity.

I don’t really think there is many similarities between Switzerland and Australia.


I would find the most interesting thing in that culture would be how to play most of the sports over there. Like flag throwing and swiss wrestling. Also how they long it takes for them to warm up in a conversation.

I think the most challenging thing would be to be a perfectionist with the things they do and make.

WIN_20160815_095707 (2)  


Digi-AU Update

I have been working on my Minecraft world. I have had a new idea to make a sports center with different sports fields, courts and pools. I have started to build my first element for my center the soccer pitch. It has been hard trying to get the goals and the center line in the right places. I think that when I have finished the soccer pitch i would go onto a basketball court or a tennis court.

When I have been making the soccer pitch I think it would be a good challenge for me to try and finish the sports center by the end of the term. I think it would be a tough task.



Capture 1

Reading Blog

Term 3 Week 5,

Clue 1, I am a boy

Clue 2, I wear glasses

Clue 3, I am starting a new high school

Clue 4, I get bullied at school

Clue 5, I like to draw cartoons

Clue 6, I am American

Clue 7, I live on a reservation

Clue 8, I am a Native American Indian

In the comments try and guess who I am ???????????

Digi Amaze Us Research

Since the last time I have been working on my Digi Amaze Us I have been researching about how to make cool things to add to my world. I have been researching about how to make a basketball court and a tree house. I think this would be very challenging for me to do. But I am up for the challenge to try and complete the things that I have planned.

I have been exploring Minecraft in more depth and on Youtube I have been looking at some really cool and interesting things that I could try and make. I have been trying to use Mining Turtles to try and make a mine so I could try and find some Diamonds, Gold or even some Iron. The turtles are hard to use because you have to use a controller and sometimes it doesn’t.

I think that it would be a good challenge.


DC Story Clip

For the last few weeks when the other people were presenting there TED styled talks. We have been making some .Digital Citizenship Story Clips. Our Story Clip was about privacy. It was about a kid called TrevDog101. he loved his social media and he had all the different types like Snapchat, Instergram, etc. The story is about not letting other people try and get your personal details from people that are lying about there age.

This is our story clip.

Made by Gus, Tom and Max.

Building Views Review

This term we have been working on a task called Building views. It is a task when there is a format that you have to make from a side view and a front view. It was hard at first because you had to make the side view and the front view still look the same with the least amount of blocks and the most amount of blocks. For the first session we did that and then the fro the second session we got another sheet with five questions on it . It had the Maximum number of blocks that we could try and figure out and same with the Minimum amount of blocks that you could try to figure out.

On the second sheet there was an added section that was the variants. The variants part was how many times you could do the same thing in a different way.

I think that this activity was a fun and interesting to play with and figure out.maths

Digi Amaze Us

For My Digi Amaze Us I am using a game called Minecraft. I am going to make a mansion and some cool things inside of it and outside. I am thinking to make a Basketball court, Soccer pitch, Football field and much more.

Minecraft is a fun and sometimes hard game to work with. The controls are sometimes really hard to work with because when you want to press one button to do something it mite do something else.

I think it is a challenge for me because if have to put more and more time and effort into it so I can achieve what I am trying to make.




Instead of the Reading Blogs for the last 2 weeks we are doing a Digi Amaze us.

I am with Max and  Noah. For our  project  we are reenacting famous  soccer goals.

We are  using the program coral. It is a program  that you can edit clips from the internet and make them even better. There are some cool things you can do with this program and I think you should go and try it out yourselves.

reading blog week 7



I have been reading the Absolutely true diary of a part time Indian. It is a great book and it tells you about how his family cant afford this for him. It tells you about when he went to school all the people think he is half Asian and half Indian. It is a really interesting story and I have learnt a lot from just reading the book. The main character is junior. The story tells how the Indians live there lives different to the people that read the book.  Junior goes to school and gets picked on by the older students.

I really recommend the book because it is really interesting about how they live in Indian part of America

This is my haiku poem about junior.

Junior Smart and small

Glasses reflecting the sun

Doing work in class.




Reading Blog week 4

I have been reading Timmy Failure. It is a great book and it has lots of humour in it. I recommend it because it has a few interesting parts about him and his friends.

These are the list of events that happened in the story.

  1. His teacher leaving school
  2. Timmy getting a polar bear
  3. Naming the polar bear Total
  4. Making a company
  5. Making a play for his mum
  6. His mum getting a Segway
  7. Why his mums Segway is always out the front of a bank
  8. finding out the bank that his mum goes to is his worst enemy
  9. finding out the his evil enemy has brought his polar bear
  10. Making his polar go to spend his life in a zoo.

Those are my 10 events for Timmy Failure.