Martian Maths

Today in maths we did an activity call Martian Maths. In the activity we had to figure out what the shapes mean in a earth numbers. The shapes were a square a circle and a triangle.

When we started off the activity we had to figure out what the shapes meant in earth numbers. The next step was to take photos of what we have done on the sheet.

Circle = 1, Triangle = 5, Square = 25.





These where the shapes we had to work with.

Shape Animation Film



We used a octahedron as our shape. it is another word for a diamond and I looks like one to. We choose this shape because we wanted to have a diamond in the film so people went to try and steal it our find it. In my film we used the web cam. We had one of the lights but when we were getting to the end of our film we got two lights to make the scene light up more.

Story Line

The story line is tat two people go to a cargo ship and sail to sea. They want to find a diamond so they could sell it. so they went to sea to find it and they stoped at a spot and one of the people went down to have a look when the other on stayed at the top and waited for the second person to come back up. The second person is diving down and then found the diamond. SO he started swimming back up to the top so they could drive away and sell the diamond. When they got to the top they got the diamond off the boat and onto the truck. The diamond falls off the truck and lands on the ground. The guy puts it back on the truck and drives away. When he gets back at his house he takes the diamond off the truck. The guy opened the diamond because he thinks there is something in it. He opens the diamond up and there is a perl in the middle. He takes the pearl out and puts it in the truck.

Reading Blog Week 3

I have been reading Slam Magazine.  They have had some interesting things in the Magazine. My favourite part of the Magazine has to be the fun facts with the action pictures of them doing something good in a game.


They have lots of good Facts with great photos in them. they have interesting stories about how some people got in the NBA. The have some life stories about the people that have been  named on the front cover. Like Andre Drummond, In one of the Magazines they explained how he got in the NBA and what he does on and off the court on a daily bases.

The colours that they use on the front cover. That they have advertising on the back instead of a blurb. When they tell the stories they don’t have that much depth in the stories. They only have like a few sentences for each part of the stories that they write.


How did they get all the stories and the pictures. When did they make the Magazines and how long did it take them to make it. How did they get the advertising on the back and all through the book. How did they get all the right prices for all the shoes that are in the book.

I recommend reading slam Magazines.





Reading week 2






I have been reading Mr stink by David Willams. the book has a few powerful sentences. It is a great book and I really recommend it. It has a bit of humor in it.

Mr Stink stank. He also stunk. And if it was correct English to say he stinked, then he stinked as well. He made the whole house stink. The parents think that the smell is the pipeing but it is Mr stink.


Reading blog week 1





I have been reading Mr Stink by David Walliams.

I  have read two books in the holidays and I am hoping to read more books through this term.

I won’t to read for longer then I have been reading lately.

When we go to the library I am going to borrow books from different lengths and types of books.

Reading Blog


This week I have still been reading Ratburger by David Williams.

So the big problem in the story is when Zoe’s grandmother comes in to stay at the apartment. Zoe’s grandmother does not like small animals. When she moved in Zoe already had a hamster called Armitage and one day Zoe came back from school and Armitage was on the floor dead. Zoe was sad and she couldn’t stop thinking about Armitage. One night a little rat was in the corner of her room.  Zoe liked small pets so she kept the rat and brought it to school the next day.

The problem was solved by when Zoe found the rat in the corner of her room and her grandmother didn’t like small pets and she got away with it.

Reading blog week 4


This week I have been reading Ratburger by David Williams. It is a great book and had lots of interesting things in it.

These are the 6 words that I have found in my book that are challenging or describing words.

  • 1   daredevil – a person that is not afraid and takes risks
  •  2   agonising –  to feel extreme pain
  • 3    tremendous – something that is extraordinary
  • 4    masterful – dominating something
  • 5     understatement – a weak understanding of something
  • 6     amidst – something in the middle (among)

My Passion


basketballMy hobby is playing basketball and watching it. basketball is one of the best sports to play and watch because they have some of the best players that play the sport. like

(Michael Jordan, Larry bird, LeBron James, Kevin Durant) and many more.

When you play basketball you need to get the ball into the hoop and if you score you get 2 points. If you shoot behind the 3 point line you get 3 points.

You have a certain time limit to score as many points as you can. It depends on different comparisons that you play in. I play with 20 minute half’s.


I play for a few different teams like Try Boys Bears, Supercats and falcons..

Please comment your favourite team .

The Big Thing and Scratch

Today in the big thing we tested it for the last time. When we were going to test it some of the parts weren’t working yet. Our part was working but some of the part after us.

I hope the big thing will be finished soon so we could show some people in the school.

When we have the next big thing session I hope all the groups can fish there parts.