Today in maths we did an activity on spinners. We had to use a website on the computer that had a spinner on it and a results page for when you spin the results come up after you spin. We had to draw a table to write the results in fort he spins. here is some pictures of our activity we did today.

Chart spinnerWIN_20150715_105135

Maths Question

There were 36 boost bars for the year 5s and 60 for the year 6s.

If split into equal groups and not mixed, how many chocolate bars would the year 5s and year 6s get?

Can you find 3 possible answer?

The thinking that I did was, first I thought of was the two numbers that I was going to use for my question then I thought about was who I was going to us

Group Maths

In maths today we had to choose a three digit number and try to make as many combinations as possible with those three numbers. The numbers I thought of were 319, I found 16 combinations that I thought of. When you have finished the first activity you had to do the same thing but using a four digit number, When you got up to the four digit number there was more combinations then the first one.

The more challenging one was probably the second one you mite do the same number twice then you would have to go through the whole list to see if you have the same number.

After the number activity we played a game called nock out, The game works like you have got a pile of cards that have all different maths questions and you had a board with the answers of the cards on the board


Today in Maths we got given six cards and we had to make the highest number that we can make with our cards. The second task is that we had to make the smallest number with the same six cards. The second challenge was more difficult then the first on because if you had a high number then it would be harder to get a smaller number.