Digi Post #2 Term 4

With our Digi this term Noah and I are doing a trick shot video. We have thought about the type of trick shots. We are doing all different types of trick shots. Like Bottle Flipping, Frisbee trick shots, Basketball trick shots and some more.

We have started filming. Noah has already gotten started on some bottle flipping stuff and we have filmed one or two basketball shots as well. The bottle flip shots are the hardest of them all because for one of them we had to make it land on the top of a balustrade. It toke us a lot of tries because it was hard to land because you had to throw the bottle high in the air. The landing is the hardest part because the bottle sometimes doesn’t have something around the bottle so it makes it easier for the bottle to land. When ever we tried the trick we had to try and land the bottle in the very corner.

I think Noah and I have started off well because if we leave the filming to late we might not to be able to finish the film in time.

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