Advertising Film

For Kids By Kids

On the first day of our activity we got a e-mail from our client and her name was Tracey. Tracey sent us an e-mail telling us what she wanted us to make. She told us she wanted us to make a promo film. For Kids By Kids.


The next stage was researching. We had to research about the shots and the locations. We had to make a shot list with all the shots and the places that we could go at the location. Example Eastern Beach. The skate park. We would go and get a drone shot of the skate park when people are doing skating and more things.


The locations were…

Eastern Beach (6C)

Balliang Sanctuary and Leisurelink (6B)

Torquay and Super Tramp (6A)

When they different classes went to these locations they had to film and get footage for their film group. The locations are locations that will be fun for kids. Torquay is a fun place for kids because there are very fun places like the Beaches, there are fun playgrounds and shops.

Balliang Sanctuary and Leisurelink.

They are fun places because they have some fun things to do like going down water slides and there is a water playground. They nature is amazing and the new bike track was a very good place to go and have some fun on jumps and much more.

Eastern Beach

They have some fun playgrounds and some fun attractions along the beach like volleyball and much more.


My challenges have been space on my computer with converting all the footage onto my computer. Coral has been really frustrating me becuase it has been very lagy and it just hasn’t coped with me well.




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