Reading Blog Week 3

I have been reading Slam Magazine.  They have had some interesting things in the Magazine. My favourite part of the Magazine has to be the fun facts with the action pictures of them doing something good in a game.


They have lots of good Facts with great photos in them. they have interesting stories about how some people got in the NBA. The have some life stories about the people that have been  named on the front cover. Like Andre Drummond, In one of the Magazines they explained how he got in the NBA and what he does on and off the court on a daily bases.

The colours that they use on the front cover. That they have advertising on the back instead of a blurb. When they tell the stories they don’t have that much depth in the stories. They only have like a few sentences for each part of the stories that they write.


How did they get all the stories and the pictures. When did they make the Magazines and how long did it take them to make it. How did they get the advertising on the back and all through the book. How did they get all the right prices for all the shoes that are in the book.

I recommend reading slam Magazines.





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  1. This post is a step in the right direction for you, well done! Remember to add an image to your blog as well. Good effort, Gus!

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