Reading blog week 4


This week I have been reading Ratburger by David Williams. It is a great book and had lots of interesting things in it.

These are the 6 words that I have found in my book that are challenging or describing words.

  • 1   daredevil – a person that is not afraid and takes risks
  •  2   agonising –  to feel extreme pain
  • 3    tremendous – something that is extraordinary
  • 4    masterful – dominating something
  • 5     understatement – a weak understanding of something
  • 6     amidst – something in the middle (among)

2 thoughts on “Reading blog week 4

  1. I remember reading this book. It’s so random, yet so interesting. It’s actually one of my favourite books, which is kind of weird, but oh well. ??

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