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This week I have still been reading Ratburger by David Williams.

So the big problem in the story is when Zoe’s grandmother comes in to stay at the apartment. Zoe’s grandmother does not like small animals. When she moved in Zoe already had a hamster called Armitage and one day Zoe came back from school and Armitage was on the floor dead. Zoe was sad and she couldn’t stop thinking about Armitage. One night a little rat was in the corner of her room.  Zoe liked small pets so she kept the rat and brought it to school the next day.

The problem was solved by when Zoe found the rat in the corner of her room and her grandmother didn’t like small pets and she got away with it.

Reading blog week 4


This week I have been reading Ratburger by David Williams. It is a great book and had lots of interesting things in it.

These are the 6 words that I have found in my book that are challenging or describing words.

  • 1   daredevil – a person that is not afraid and takes risks
  •  2   agonising –  to feel extreme pain
  • 3    tremendous – something that is extraordinary
  • 4    masterful – dominating something
  • 5     understatement – a weak understanding of something
  • 6     amidst – something in the middle (among)