Reading Blog week 3

ratburgerThis week I have been reading rat burger by David Williams. It is a book about a guy that sells burgers with rats in them and he makes money off selling them.

The setting in the book is mainly set in a big tall apartment building with a girl and her father.

I have been in a place like this when we went to New York because we stayed in a big tall apartment building.

My Passion


basketballMy hobby is playing basketball and watching it. basketball is one of the best sports to play and watch because they have some of the best players that play the sport. like

(Michael Jordan, Larry bird, LeBron James, Kevin Durant) and many more.

When you play basketball you need to get the ball into the hoop and if you score you get 2 points. If you shoot behind the 3 point line you get 3 points.

You have a certain time limit to score as many points as you can. It depends on different comparisons that you play in. I play with 20 minute half’s.


I play for a few different teams like Try Boys Bears, Supercats and falcons..

Please comment your favourite team .

Me as a reader

con nder


This week I have still been reading con-nerd but is finished the book on Thursday.

Con-nerd is about a kid called Conner and he is a nerd and he is really good at art and all the other subjects.

I like reading humor, story’s about famous people and lots of different types of books.


Me as a reader

con nder

I am reading Con-Nerd at the moment. I like the book because it has some humor and some interesting things going on through the story.

I like reading comedy books, Comics, Basketball Magazines and Adventure. My favourite author is Andy Griffiths. My favourite book would have to be Punch Lines. I read most nights for 20 minutes.