The Big Thing

WIN_20151030_131610Today in the big thing we started to build on the tables that we arepresenting the project on. after we got put on the tables that we stay on. We started to connect with the people in before us and in front. Henry’s part is going in front of us and Sam and Spencer are in front of us. This is what are part looks like with Henry’s and Sam’s connected.

VCE Technology Expo

Yesterday the year 5s went to senior school for the art expo. When we got there two people told us what they have done for VCE Technology. On of the things that i liked videos was the and the models of the houses that they had made.

IMG_0704this is the house that i liked because it looked nice and the details inside the house and outside.

Program challenge

Today I have been working on tinkercad. In tinkercad I had made a basketball singlet and Henry helped me out a lot with the singlet and I am going to hopefully print it off soon.

bbal singlet 2 Bball singletThis is the singlet that I have been making. I have made it into a key ring.

I have also been making a basketball ring with a sign that goes with it.

basketball ringThis is the hoop. I have been making this for a few session. the hardest thing was getting the ball into the hoop. I hope I can print it and see how many baskets can I shoot in 1 minute.

The Big Thing #3

In the session of the big thing we found out were our part of the machine. Max and I are between Henry and Sam and Spencer. We have changed our design because we used a pull back car and we found out it was going around more then one time.



We started to make our part of the machine and we have put in a funnel and some clear piping. This is what we have done so far.



The Big Thing #2

In the big thing session we finished off our design and found one or two groups to connect our part of a machine to. Max and I hopefully going to join up our machine with Spencer and Sam and Angus,Callan and Rory. Our part of the machine is going to be a pull back car that hits a marble down a funnel and down a pipe into the section after our part is done. We still need to make our parts for the section that we are going to include.


WIN_20151026_121830This our final and finished design.

Term 4 Program Challenge

This term i will be using Tinkercad for my programing project. I am going to make a basketball shooting game and if i can do another one i will make a soccer goal game. My basketball game will include a ramp for the balls to go down after you shoot in rolls down the ramp back to you. A hoop for the ball to go in and a ball holder for after the ball goes in the hoop the ball goes back into the ball holder. If it is successful it will be a basketball shooting game that you have to try and score as many baskets as you can. To do this project i will have to find out the correct measurements for the size of the hoop and the game.


In writing I have been writing a piece about my great experiences. The one that I am writing wright know is going to Times Square. The main part of the story is when I walk slowly into the middle of times square. i think it was a great experience because i never thought I was going to go there until I was older.

The Big Project #1

Today was the first day of the term 4 project. We found out our groups for the project and I am with Max. We are going to make a section of a machine that kicks a ball into the goals. Max and I are making the start of the machine and we have had some good ideas with another group.

WIN_20151022_130938This is our plan. we are thinking about making a pull back car back then hitting the marble that is on the edge of the funnel, the marble goes down the funnel and out into the other part of the project.

The Honest Truth


The question she asks in the darkness is “Why”.

What do you think Jess was talking about here? I think Jess was talking about why did mark run away and leave me here. Why did you run away when you had cancer.

What edvicence could you use from the story that backs up your answer?

When Jess takes a note from behind a loss brick and reads the note. Jess remembers when they were young and beau was just a puppy. Jess new mark had cancer cause Jess was there when marks mum told mark he had cancer..